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I listed my zines on etsy, but I'm beginning to think that I should just go the traditional zine distro route instead (or mostly). I think I will work more on the photography, but I otherwise don't know what to do about promoting them on etsy.



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You know what is funny -I just wrote about etsy on my blog on here! I make some sales on etsy but not a lot. Through distros, I don't know if I made any sales because they haven't let me know. I guess a little of both is my approach, plus putting them in local comic shops. A little here, a little there.
Well! I just added "and per se and" to my favorites...so soon's I get some cashola, you might be making a sale right there!

I've sold about 50 copies all told of my various zines over the past year thru Etsy. I have been intimidated by distros and so I've been strictly Etsy. I'm hoping this year to table at the PDX Zine Symposium so maybe a few more will enter the world that way.

What I like about Etsy is the ease and classy look of listing my zines. I love that I can write up a little description and add a mess of photos. The costs are incredibly reasonable in my book, too. On the other hand, actually trying to find something by searching the Etsy tags and titles is just about impossible. It's so disorganized! I have done much better with people who have found me via my blog and then gone directly to my Etsy link on the sidebar.

So, my method has been to promote my particular shop through my blog and other small ways. It seems to work better for me. Then again, I'm not trying to move a ton of zines here. 50 a year makes me happy.

Amber / Culture Slut said:
I don't look at distros and Etsy as an either / or kinda thing. They are two different things that attract different people.

Quoted, because, well... That's exactly what I wanted to say.
hi everybody--i'm new to we make zines and team zine. i'm relatively new to etsy, as well, and i'm doing pretty well right now. i agree it doesn't need to be an either/or situation. my zines have been distroed in the past and with a good distro it was great. and i have sold zines in stores and actually, of all of those methods the store route has been the one where i write stuff off as just letting people know my zine exists. i make most of my sales at shows.

as well as i'm doing, etsy can be hard and segmented. your shop is really nice and i don't think you should change it at all. you are probably attracting 2 sets of buyers, the ones who come to look at clothing and have no idea what a zine is, and the zinesters who come and think your silkscreening is also neat. the zinesters will probably be a smaller proportion. i have something similar going on, making paper prints and zines. so i just remind myself that mostly i am putting stuff up at etsy so i can have a place where my craziness is visible and can be purchased. my only suggestion is to make sure to use the "geekery" tag, too. go crazy with the tags.

anyway, sorry to go on. your zines are really lovely! i've made sure to heart one (as monstrousindustry).



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