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Is there a time limit on receiving payments from buyers? I remember there being a one-week time limit- that the buyer had to pay within one week- but I am not seeing anything in the FAQs about it. I have been waiting two weeks for a payment (supposed to be via PayPal) and am thinking about canceling the transaction, but can't find any Etsy policy to back me up. Thoughts?

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Hello...I have had a couple paypal transactions that didn't go through, too. I don't know what the time limit is, but once I contacted the buyers we just worked it out. Did you contact the buyer? That's usually how I've worked it out. But if they didn't contact me back I guess I would probably cancel after a few weeks.
That's all I got! Hope it helped.
If you've tried contacting them through etsy convos and e-mail and haven't received a response-- especially after two weeks!-- I would put in a request to cancel the transaction through Etsy.

I've had this problem a lot lately with Etsy buyers and it seems that very rarely do payments that don't show up within my time limit for payment (I set it at 3 days for Paypal payments in my own shop policies, but usually stretch it to a week) seem to ever show up again. Usually, if there's a problem with the payment not going through you'll get a pretty quick response from your buyer and eventual payment. If not, they've more than likely finked on the purchase.
after the one week a sent her a message and this was the response i got was that "i already paid but paypal told me that´ll took a few more days!" i sent another msg last night but haven't heard back yet. i'll probably wait until tonight or tomorrow (she's in germany so there's a time difference) and then put in the cancel.



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