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I'm thinking about going paperless, but then again I know how most people feel about an electronic zine.. how it doesn't feel the same; how the whole essence of a zine is in the paper--the photocopied feel, etc.

So what are your thoughts?

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Yeah, I try to spend as little time as possible in front of a screen, so I really couldn't imagine sitting down before one and reading through the entire content of a zine. Plus yeah, I like the physicality (is that a word..?) of paper zines, and it makes the trading process quite intimate, but then again you'd save a lot on postage and printing costs doing it electronically. I guess plenty of e-zines do exist; it's your zine so in the end it's your decision :) I remember your zines having little flaps and pouches though, and you'd never get that electronically!
I've been thinking about doing an art zine or something on reused paper. Like grabbing a bunch of cast offs from a copy shop and seeing what the results look like.
I don't really have a copy shop near me where I can get those though. Hrmmm.
I would understand why you want to do that. I spend part of my time on the computer so I wouldn't mind reading one.

Matthew: Try your local library. Mine has copy machines and I know whenever I use it there are tons of screw ups that go in the recycling bin.

Saling Pusa,

I've been reading up on the ePub specs. I agree with Lee, that a physical zine is a great experience, and I prefer to make zines that way. However, I was thinking of taking my older zines and making an eBook out of them. It would be easier to distribute. eReaders are easier on the eyes that computer screens, and though the ePub specifications seem daunting at first, after you really start reading them, they are not so bad. In fact, for most zinester needs, ePubs are no harder to build than a simple web page. Folks doing comics will have a harder time of it. Also, art and photo zines should stick to print, ePublication technology is no were near where it needs to be to handle them. (Though plenty of folks on the internet will tell you the opposite.)




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