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Where are you hosted? How much do you pay? Do you have paypal carts integrated? Simple html or more fancy?


I've been on Mr Site since I opened 3 1/2 years ago and I really want to start using something like zen cart or PrestaShop but Mr Site won't support it :(

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Right now i am hosted at Dot Easy, and i think it's around $50 a year.  With the newly updated website, my husband used Catablog, which is a plug in used for Word Press.   So the site is designed using Word Press and a plug in.

We're using Dreamhost, but the space is kindly donated by a friend so I don't know what it costs. We use Wordpress, and our store started as a separate Wordpress installation with each post as an item and Paypal buttons/cart put in by hand. Currently we use a third-party site called Storenvy, and have been pretty happy with it, but ultimately want our shop hosted in our own space again. In the coming year we hope to try the Wordpress Ecommerce plugin (once they get the new version out).

My boyfriend runs a web design business so he has his own server for his clients, which I use to put all of my projects on. Naturally we pay more since we use lots more space, but I can hook anyone up if you want cheap hosting. I pirated a script for my site (don't tell!) but if I didn't have access to it, I would probably still stay with a more detailed solution that will take care of my shipping costs and whatnot for me.


I used to use Hostmonster and I really liked it when I used it - unlimited everything and free domain name for $7 a month (they seem to have a special going on right now for $6/mo). I like Prestashop when I used it, but I think that ZenCart and OS Commerce might be outdated - I haven't tried them in a while. Wordpress + a plugin is a good option too.


I use weebly, and I integrated paypal.  Currently I do not pay anything for my hosting because it's a .weebly.com webby.  I haven't had the money to foot the bill for weebly but I don't think it's very expensive, and it's extremely easy to use.  You can also do more than one website per usernamething.  it's pretty cool (:

I used to have my domain name through Netfirms and used Pixellated Solutions for my hosting. PS was great for the first year or so, but after the company went through some changes in management I was no longer happy with their service (random billings for services I did not order/have on my account, rude customer service, etc). Eventually I switched all my services to Netfirms and although the programs weren't as user friendly, the service itself was great.


Has anyone used Wordpress to build their website? What about using it to include a shop component onto the website?

There's the Wordpress software you can download from wordpress.com to put in your own space, and there's the wordpress.com service you can sign up for. I've used the software and like it. Making changes to the look of the site can be  more difficult than they make it sound, but I've found this to be true of most website-making systems. I've made my own little shop by including Paypal buttons in posts; I haven't used a shop plugin, but am planning to try it soon - wish me luck!


I haven't used wordpress.com much because I already have my own space, but it seems pretty nice. You have less control over the look of the site (you can gain more control though still not as much by purchasing it), a smaller collection of plugins to choose from, & have to pay to unlock some features (nothing too crucial other than having your own domain name). On the other hand, you don't have to do the updates or maintain a separate hosting account.


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