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i'm just curious.... do distro owners do more than just sell at their distros and zine fairs?

for example, if you're a lgbt distro, do you set up a table during your city's pride week? or if you're a women's health or feminist distro, do you sell or make zines available to women's shelters or prostitution collectives? how many of you actively promote zines in schools and libraries?


dont get me wrong, i know that you're all real people, with real jobs, or maybe going to school, and with families and social lives and stuff, and that you're busy enough as it is, but i'm just wondering on how many people take their work from the distros "to the streets"?

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Well, I don't know if this counts, but I have a section for my distro at Meltdown Comics, a big comic and collectible shop that I used to work part-time at in Hollywood. While working there I met a lot of people that were mostly into mainstream comics, but once I started talking to them about zines they got really into the idea. This year I'll be hosting some zine workshops at Meltdown which I think will have a lot of crossover appeal to comic nerds.


My friends and I were also thinking of doing some zine workshops with 826 LA, a non-profit that has free creative writing classes for kids.


I know I could "do more" and be more active with my distro, but I've been working part-time, interning and job hunting for the past year and just FINALLY scored a 40 hr a week job. It's hard to juggle all the responsibilities. I have some friends helping me out now, but still, it's tough!

I don't think it's necessarily a distro's job to make sure that libraries and schools are exposed to zines.  That is something all zinesters can participate in.  If you WRITE the zine about these topics, then you should be mailing them out to these places. 


I table when i can.  I organize the Richmond Zine Fest going on 5 years now.  I do the mail order thing.   As a distro owner i can't afford to send out zines for free to shelters or to collectives.  



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