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with the number of distros currently in hiatus and temporarily or permanently closed, it's been difficult to stay current on the list of active distros. So i thought, why not make the list right here in the distro owners' group? so if your distro is still currently open, reply to this discussion with your distro name and relevant info.

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Unicorn Express Distro! http://unicornexpress.us/

Zines In Maine (zinesinmaine@riseup.net)

Providing zines and other forms of indy media to the people of Maine



Want your zine read in the North East? We are currently looking for submissions! All types welcome.

Punk Tree Distro, facebook.com/punktreedistro with a real website on the way.

Oh, me! 

Once Upon a Distro is about sharing stories and building community through indie media of all sorts!


I've finally started a zine distro! Portland Button Works is an online distro and button shop as well as a brick and mortar store in Portland Oregon. We also just printed our first paper catalog that we plan to put out quaterly.

Portland Button Works

I also keep a pretty comprehensive list of distros over at Stolen Sharpie Revolution.org

zineFAN - http://www.zineFAN.net

An online distro based in Australia that stocks an awesome array of zines, magazines and comics from around the globe.

Black//INk Distro (DK) http://www.facebook.com/BlackInkDistro


I only sells zines and tapes. The distro is new, but I'm looking for more zines,especially around D.I.Y metal and punk music.


Write me : Martyrium666(no-spam)gmail.com.




Did you know I keep a list of distros on the StolenSharpieRevolution.org site? Submit your info to be included! http://www.stolensharpierevolution.org/zine-distros/

Brown Recluse Zine Distro

A distro centering zines made by People of Color.





c/o nykyGomez

PO BOX 80582

Seattle, WA 98108

Over at Sprout Distro we have been distributing anarchist zines for the past few years at zine fests, tabling at events, etc as well as over the web at:


back pocket press:


Back Pocket Press is a zine distro based out of Ypsilanti, MI, started in the fall of 2013. They carry zines that are personal, political, or that explore the overlap of these themes. They focus on zines that "provide useful and beautiful information, speak the truth about lived experiences, tell secrets about yourself to your face, and bring only whispered words to paper. [T]he kind of zines you can keep in your back pocket for later, for when you need them, on a bus ride full of strangers or in the early morning air." They carry zines in English and Spanish, take pay pal or a check/money in the mail, and accept submissions.


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