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so we don't clutter the board with personal distro threads, i figured we could all post in one and edit (delete and repost) our posts as needed. Please include prices, if you are down with trades, and contact info you respond to quickly.

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Trees & Hills Comics Distro
PO Box 645, Winchester NH 03470

We sell comics made in Vermont, New Hampshire, and western Massachusetts. We don't trade much (mainly with an occasional out-of-area artist so we can put their work in local stores), so contact first. U.S. Shipping for now is a mere $0.50. Ordering through the website is easy, but the website is a little behind so here are a few of the things we stock:

Seeds anthology - comics about food, with recipe booklet & organic lettuce seeds. 5.5" x 8.5", 56 pgs. $5.00
Swingin' Hits anthology - comics about music, with CD of music by cartoonists. 5.5" x 8.5", 52 pgs. $5.00

Before Sleep #3, 4, 5 by Colin Tedford - loopy sketchbook comics ranging from humorous to dreamlike, plus doggerel. 5.5" x 4.25", 32 pgs. $1.00 each

Booty 19, 20, 21 by Anne Thalheimer - Academic Anne assembles awesome autobiography. 7" x 9", 12 pgs. $2.00 each

Mimi's Doughnuts #14 & 15 by Marek Bennett - a season's worth of weekly strips, plus fascinating extra features like historical comics, diary comics, etc. 7" x 8.5", length varies. $4.00 each
Parcell Press Distro is about 35 in dog years. I just re-launched with a fresh new website that is more attractive and easier to use. My catalog is pretty big but I'm focusing on personal zines, comics, and creative printing.

Stop by the site to check it out:

I offer free shipping every day on US orders $35+
I add two new titles to the catalog each week.
BW! Distro!
1182 Morning Dr.
Santa Fe, NM 87507

All this stuff is priced for US postage. International rates can be figured out upon request. Trades highly encouraged.

CD type stuff:
Slapendehonden/Drill Bit/Brom Brigade 3 way split CD - $4ppd
Devil Shoots Devil/What We Feel split CD - $4ppd

Scissor Shock / Oubilette split tape - $5ppd
Read a Goddamn Book tape - $3ppd
Cakewet / Yattai split tape - $4ppd

Hip Cops/The Gate split 7" - $4ppd
Mosquito Bandito 'One Man Bandito' 7" - $4ppd
Mosquito Bandito 2nd 7" - $4ppd
Calabi Yau 7" - $4ppd
The Chinese Stars 'A Rare Sensation' LP - $8ppd
The Chinese Stars 'Listen to Your Left Brain' - $8ppd
They Live 'Blurred' 7" - $5ppd
Loaded for Bear / Half Gorilla split 7" - $4ppd
Godstomper / Barbarian Lord split 7" - $4ppd
Gorgonized Dorks / Xanax Feast split 7" - $4ppd
Agathocles / Repulsione split 7" - $4ppd

Short, Fast, + Loud 18 - $4ppd
Big Whoop! 1 - Interviews w/ A Beautiful Lotus, Adai, Loaded For Bear. Photos of Holy Shit! columnz, reviewz - $1ppd
Big Whoop! 2 - Interviews w/ Mosquito Bandito, Jay Reatard, The Sw!ms, Kill Me Tomorrow, Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck. Photos of The Goddamn Gallows. columnz, reviewz, photos of Santa Fe's Moustache March Madness - $2ppd
Big Whoop! 3 - Interviews w/ Soundo Maso Records, Mans., Black Hell, 7000 Dying Rats, and Black Hell. Columns, shitloads of reviews!

I aim to focus on creative and unusual zines, and handmade crafts.
very small amount of zines listed at the moment, but its a new distro, and i hope that it will grow a bit more.
we are london, england based and our list is prices only and doesn't include postage costs (we've never actually sent anything out in the post!).
if you were to ask for anything, we would work out the total cost and then let you know so you pay.

we have around 30/40 fem, queer, diy, cookzines, perzines and comics.
if anyone would like to be distributed in london and fits the bill then give us a shout!




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