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Comment by Alexa on August 7, 2012 at 2:48am



HEY GUYS. So basically I'm writing a zine, kind of like a publication about the school girl phenomena etc. I'm going to write about the history of women's education and the school girl as an icon of culture. To make this work I'm going to need SUBMISSIONS. 
so like if you guys have any anecdotes or comments or doodles or just anything about your experience in highschool that you think would be great for the zine I would love your input.

PLEASE SUBMIT TO: meyerowitza@gmail.com with SCHOOL GIRLS FROM MARS in the title 

Comment by janelloshea on July 19, 2012 at 9:03am

Remember: 100 Favourite Memories asks the simple question - What is your favourite memory? Was it the first time you held your child? That Saturday when you slept in while it snowed outside? The road trip on the Great Ocean Road with your university friends?

Share your favourite memory now: http://rememberzine.tumblr.com/

Comment by Karley Bayer on July 18, 2012 at 6:22pm

The Filth still needs short story contributions for its se7enth issue - Gunslinger theme. This issue will be going to the Portland Zine Symposium, the Baltimore Book Fest, and will be available at Atomic Books. Come along for the ride! Send submissions to:thefilthsubmissions@gmail.com and look us up at: https://www.facebook.com/TheFilthZine

Comment by Daisy Salinas on July 11, 2012 at 3:53pm

Submission Guidelines for issue #4 of my fanzine Muchacha

Theme: “Who Says Feminists Don’t Have A Sense Of Humor?”

The purpose of this issue is to combat the stereotype that feminists are always angry/unfunny/too serious/uptight. I’m looking for satirical/humorous thoughts, poetry, stories, essays, quotes, rants, analysis, art, collages, doodles, comics, or photography from a feminist perspective. Whether it’s half a page or 4 pages, e-mail me at Riotgrrrl56@yahoo.com to submit your work. The deadline is September 1st. Help me in reclaiming the fact that “funny feminist” is not an oxymoron.

Funny Feminists Unite! 

Love & Revolution,




"Feminist humor raises consciousness. And the reason it's funny is because it stands something on its head. Goodness knows you've got to have a sense of humor if you do feminism full-time, I tell you." - Eleanor Smeal

Comment by Rheuben Bundy on July 6, 2012 at 1:51pm

i am doing a small punk/hardcore fanzine called family business. it is a themed series, the first theme being politics: please send me any perspectives on how punk/hardcore  your political awareness. i will publish everything i get. and will give you my undying gratitude, as well as write review your zine in the issue... put "politics" in the subject so i know it isn't spam:


Comment by Jessica Gleason on July 5, 2012 at 3:22pm

Dear Labrinthians,

We are writing to inform you that Issue #001 is now live on the site. It will remain live until August 5th, 2012. Then, it will remain in our archives, indefinitely. There is a link at the very bottom of this month's issue for you to download the .pdf version of Issue #001.

This also means that the reading period for "the in-between" and Issue #002 is now open. So, send us your work! Issue #002 will not be published until September 5th, but during the month of August we will publish and "feature" one poem every other day. So, by submitting during the reading period, you are consenting to be considered for both "the in-between" and "Issue #002". If you would only like to be considered for one of these things, please specify in your submission.


--The Editors


Comment by Jessica Gleason on June 25, 2012 at 2:57am

Welcome To The Edge....

  • If you do not write about sailboats, you've come to the right place. If you're not boring, we love you. If you are an underground writer looking for a place where you can muck up the internet with your filthy mind, please come in.

Aberration Labyrinth is a baby as far as poetry rags go, but our claws are out and ready to strike the web with gusto. Our goal is to publish a small amount of AMAZING work (about 10 poems every month). But, we're not looking for just anything. This is a publication that plans to blur the lines of traditional poetry. Too many publications have a narrow definition of what poetry is or what it should be. We done. In fact, we treasure poetry that strays from the path. We want raw, evocative, emotional poetry. We love imagery. While we don't traditionally like rhymes, we are not opposed to them if they are done well. We love the free verse; we also love the aubade. The form is up to you.
We do not want:
  • Nature Poems
  • Religious Poems
  • Boring Poems
Instead, please send us:
  • Trash Poetry
  • Nerdy Poetry
  • Horror Poetry
For more on what we're looking for, please visit our submissions page.

At this time, we cannot offer compensation for our work (other than some potential web fame). We will, however, post a .pdf version of each issue, available for download. This blog is the beginning of our adventure and we hope to move towards a print edition in the future. We may even be able to pay... one day... in the future.

For now, please submit your work so we can make this happen. If you're not a writer, please check back often. We promise to give you something good.

Please visit us on Facebook.


Comment by Sari of Hoax on June 12, 2012 at 2:13pm

call for submissions! hoax #8: feminisms & MYTHOLOGIES

potential ideas for material include, but are not limited to:

Language: storytelling and folklore (creating and supporting women’s narratives outside of academia / archetypes of men and women / the ways knowledge gets passed down from generation to generation / the role of fantasy in understanding); the academic industrial complex & what types of knowledge; intelligence are valued; transforming language; role of art in modernizing certain myths

History / Culture: when to keep and discard traditions; diaspora & navigating multi-cultural  influences or heritage; silence & erasure; modes of survival; whitewashing; term reclamation (who is allowed to use certain terms?); importance of retaining & having access to historical records; reading the past to understand the present & future

Science: resisting biological determinism & essentialism;how scientific narratives influence our understanding of morality and “truths”; ways in which science reaffirms the scripts of kyriarchy (such as GID and the DSM / ties between the “obesity epidemic” and race / views about menstruation); problems within the healthcare system; radical mental health; making science work for people who aren’t straight white western cis men

The Body / The Self: mind-body dualism; body modifications & medical procedures; intentional and/or unintentional politics of bodily presentation; self-determinism & active resistance of dominant narratives; enacting self-care; do we all have a “true self” or “essence” of being?; where the self ends & community begins

Relationships: chosen families; myths about sexuality and sex positivity; consent (expressed vs. body language / legacy of shitty health class information / talking about queer and/or non-normative sex); theories of “otherness”; myths about “diversity” within communities; handling disagreements (“tone arguments” / should a person with a marginalized identity have to “play nice” when talking to somebody who has privilege they don’t have?)

Enacting Change: the white savior complex and career activism / is change quantifiable?; “normative” & expected changes (in terms of personal & community development, growing up, queerness as “a phase,” recovery, etc.); delusions of “progress”; changes that have not necessarily been positive

Visibility / Communication / Media: divisions between public and private; bridging the gap between online & offline communities or experiences; communication & the erotic; media’s (mis)use in social justice circles; intersection between visibility, authenticity, & mimicry; choosing when to “come out” & nuances of disclosure

Legislation: local, state, federal, & global action; mythologies & their influence on policy creation (and vice versa); problems with the nonprofit system; racist ideologies in the prison industrial complex; criminalization of sexual assault; alternatives to the legal system

we also totally need lots of artwork!

please aim to send us yr amazing material (and any potential questions about submitting!) to hoaxzine (at) gmail (dot) com by august 17th, 2012.

in solidarity,

sari & rachel

Comment by monique on June 4, 2012 at 11:50pm

Zines come in all shapes and sizes! I'm currently compiling a zine for BIKE ART!

Working in a bicycle cooperative has been great for honing in on my bike repair skills, but I want to start encouraging myself and others to make more art out of our unusable bike parts. I encourage you to go to your local bicycle co-op or shops and gather ideas, and ask what they do with theire unusable bike supplies?? Ask if you could have some to play around with, for a small donation or for free!

Some ideas include jewelry, bike tube wallets, fork T.P. holders, jewelry display wheels. The list goes on! What do you make or want to see in this booklet??

The way I see this being compiled is by bike part and their potential future uses... ie

HUB--candle holder, container, rolley wheel thing, business card holder

SPOKES--S hooks, bracelets, metal flower stems, mobile hanger

WHEELS--chandeliers, compost lid, clock, fence, plant holder


-email to tarup@riseup.net (Subject: Bike ART Zine)

-Bike Art Projects and How-to Guides that people can follow. Step-by-step photos are encouraged if they help but not mandatory!

-Images of finished projects and What they are

-The more accessible the better! (ie. using available tools/parts vs welding, though I would love welding suggestions!)


Sometime 2012. I want to gather as much as possible, so we'll give this a few months, but the sooner the better as with anything!! That will even give you time to learn something and then share it.

Thank you!!



**Feel free to send color images, but the zine will most likely be black/white to cut costs. We are a non-profit, after-all. BICAS.ORG

Comment by Kitty Kerosene on May 27, 2012 at 11:22am

THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE DIGITIZED – Open call for submissions!

WHO?  The Revolution Will Not Be Digitized is a half-size compilation zine with a focus on the manifestation of art, actions, and ideas in the real world.

WHAT?  What kind of things are you talking about, you ask? Well, all kinds, really:  zines, art, protest marches, coffee (or martini) dates for  in –person conversations, music, random street theatre, snail mail, anything that extends beyond the virtual to exist in our analog world.

“The Rev” (for short, b/c Kitty is lazy and also does not like acronyms that don’t spell anything) is in search of articles, poems, and rants; interviews with people who make shit/make shit happen; comics, art, photography, and illustration (image-based submissions must be black-and-white copy friendly); lists which inspire people to get out and do things; instructions on how to make/do/create something; etc.

WHY?  Because in an age where people’s lives become increasingly virtual, it is more important than ever to maintain a connection to the real. That is not to say that we are anti-internet. The internet is a fan-fucking-tastic tool. It is a means, though, not an end. The end is the world we live in: this analog, gritty, risky, crazy, physical, scary, beautiful, awesome world.

WHERE?  Email submissions can be sent to:  kittykerosene@gmail.com – mailing address will be sent along to anyone needing to mail their submissions.  (In other words, we need to get a new P.O. Box and didn’t want to wait to do that to post this. Just send us a message and within a few days we’ll get ya that info.)

WHEN?  Deadline June 30th, 2012.  If you submit and hear nothing back, then we’re swamped and likely not interested at this time, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love ya.

Right now, the plan is for this to be a one-off, but it may become an annual or something.  Who can say?

Email any questions to the address above, please and thanks.

Don’t email or comment with arguments about how the internet is great, though. We love the internet – two of us met and got married through it. Hell, we’re posting here on the internet to find like-minded people for this collaborative project. There’s nothing to convince us of when it comes to appreciation of the digital world. We just also think that there’s more to life than what comes down this crazy series of tubes.

X’s and O’s to everyone who makes shit!


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