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Comment by Black Boots Press on October 20, 2016 at 10:40am


Feel free to submit original artwork, comics, graphics, and other printable media.  Simultaneous submissions are fine, and author’s always maintain the rights to their work.  Previously published work is also acceptable.  
Through our travels, we’ve been in a lot of different circles with a lot of different women (womyn, trans persons, non binary, two spirited, etc) from all over the world, and there’s one topic that seems to permeate all borders: SEX.  Particularly, how many negative or disappointing encounters we’ve had.  The more we talk, the more similarities we find, and the more curious we become about the larger implications and the possible remedies for these problems.  Throughout the world, there are varying degrees of Sex Ed being taught, with one strain of education standing out from the rest as the most toxic and least satisfying.  We’ve all been in this scenario.  Someone we’ve met and become enthralled, entranced, intrigued, enchanted with, and whatever the mysterious forces of the universe are have thrown us together into a passionate scene of clothing being pulled off, necks kissed, libidos raging…  and then the disappointing moment where we realize the object of our desire has received their sexual education from pornography.  We fake orgasm so they stop their jackhammering replica of sluttyschoolgirls.com and leave unsatisfied and disappointed, afraid to damage the delicate ego of our lover.  But what is this doing?  Our silence allows this behavior to continue, unattested; it allows the violent, insensitive, rape prone male centric model of dominator culture to thrive.  This is not to say there are no men, male identifying humans, masculine end of the spectrum folk, who abhor mainstream porn modeled sex as much as we do.  Of course there are.  But there still exists the simple fact that women’s voices are often absent from the conversation the world is having through visual representations of sex, and that is a fucking issue.  So, we’ve decided to compile a zine, or a series of zines, about what we actually want, and there is no one story or narrative that encompasses all of our desires.  We are all different, and we know what we want.  We can speak for ourselves.  Even for the people out there who are unfamiliar with the idea of the male gaze, of systemic oppression, of how we female bodied or feminine inclined or anything other than cis male humans are constantly fighting for space to exist in, language to speak through, and safety within the confines of our own bodies, this zine could be tremendously helpful.  What this zine seeks to do is educate the masses, tell stories that are not spoken through the predominant voice of the white male cannon, to create dissonance against the avalanches of cybernetic moans and choking of barely legal blondes.  Some women like double penetration and being choked, but to have this story be the only story of what sex looks like, and what is expected, is extremely damaging and dangerous.  So, here are the stories of real humans from around the world, narrating the best sex they can fathom.  Eat your hearts out. 

Comment by Black Boots Press on October 20, 2016 at 10:40am


Everyone and anyone who is not cis male identifying:  Imagine the best sex you’ve ever had, or the best sex you’ve never had.  We want a narrative, an instructional, a tutorial, or a story explaining in as much detail as you’ve got, what you want and how you want it.  
Send submissions to blackbootspress@gmail.com with the subject line THE SEX WE REALLY WANT.  Your submissions can be anonymous if you’re more comfortable that way, but feel free to include your name, age, or any other identifying information that might be interesting for our audience to know.  We are creating a print zine, and when the final product is ready, you can order copies at cost of shipping (we’re currently based out of Southeast Asia). 

Comment by French Fry Zine on October 17, 2016 at 12:52pm

We've extended our submission deadline!

French Fry Zine is accepting submissions that adhere to our theme, Family, until November 18th.

So we want your:
-old emo poetry
-fiction about playing Yu Gi Oh with cousins
-manifestos/nonfiction on why you don’t want kids
-family vacation inspired art

You get the gist. Submissions that are relatable/approachable to a general 90's kid audience tend to get bonus points. Submit as many works as you want.

For more info go to: http://frenchfryzine.org/submit/

Submissions due Nov. 18th
Email all submissions to: FrenchFryZine@gmail.com

Comment by Daniel de Culla on October 6, 2016 at 2:02am

Lovbely¡. & Season's Greetings¡

Comment by Jade Mars on October 5, 2016 at 3:35pm

Submissions are now being taken for the first queer astrology compzine!
Suggested topics include:
- why do so many queers love astrology?
- queer accounts of combining astrology with tarot, witchcraft and other occult pursuits
- queering the horoscope reading / reading queer horoscopes
- queering the planets, signs, and elements
- are there significators for queerness in the horoscope? what might they be?
- how can astrology be combined with commitments to radical politics and social justice?
- how can we work creatively and non-oppressively with an astrological system which is often used to reinforce sexism, heteronormativity, essentialism of all kinds, and the gender binary?
- how can white people respectfully engage with astrology without succumbing to the culturally appropriative trends of contemporary Western 'new age' spiritual practices?
- can astrology's deterministic or predictive qualities be reconciled with queer theory's anti-identitarian and anti-futurity tendencies?
Please send all submissions to queerarcana@gmail.com by 31st October 2016.
Comment by French Fry Zine on October 1, 2016 at 6:31pm

Just 13 days until our submission period closes!

We want fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art that revolves around the theme FAMILY. 

Send your nostalgic pieces to us by October 14th to be considered!

Submit to: FrenchFryZine@gmail.com

For more info visit: FrenchFryZine.org

Comment by Noodle Soup Zine on October 1, 2016 at 7:47am



Find us on Facebook and Tumblr.

Ask us anything noodlesoupzine@gmail.com

Comment by Contents Zine on September 20, 2016 at 10:01pm

Hi All!

Contents Issue #03 is open for submissions! This issue will be titled 'Letting Go', the interpretation is up to you. Contents is an art, design, photography and literature zine, we accept anything that looks good printed. (Acceptance of submissions is at the discretion of the Contents Zine curator.)

Send your submissions to thezinestuff@gmail.com by the end of October 2016.

More details are available on our website www.contentszine.tumblr.com/contribute


Comment by gG iRKALLA on September 20, 2016 at 2:04pm
Hi . my name is GG.

I do a biannual 8x11 format zine called Up the Witchpunx. Our focus is radical witchcraft and the way two subcultures are increasingly blending. As witches collectively realize they need to radicalize to honor the pain of the earth, a lot of punks realize they need a reinchanted existence where healing can occur.

This coming issue we are focusing on radical hope, as in, hope as a tangible thing grounded in real conditions. Hope in protest, Hope in direct action, Hope in sabotage. Hope found in violent beautiful catharsis. We want to explore a kind of hope that goes beyond blind optimism and sentimentality . a hope that is a strategy for surviving the coming years as a unified community.

We accept: photography, drawing, poetry, collage, rants, articles, spells, recipes.... this is a multimedia zine so anything will work as long as it fits with the overall themes.

please send submissions here: upthewitchpunx@riseup.net
we also have a website where you can learn more about our work:
and a tumblr: upthewitchpunx.tumblr.com

we need submissions no later than November 1st.

Comment by French Fry Zine on September 13, 2016 at 11:56am

French Fry Zine is a 90′s - 2000′s kid zine that’s looking for fiction, nonfiction, poetry, & art that deals with our 2nd edition's theme, FAMILY.

So we want your:
-old emo poetry
-fiction about playing Yu Gi Oh with cousins
-manifestos/nonfiction on why you don’t want kids
-family vacation inspired art

You get the gist. Submissions that are relatable/approachable to a general 90's kid audience tend to get bonus points. Submit as many works as you want.

For more info go to: http://frenchfryzine.org/submit/

Submissions due Oct. 14th
Email all submissions to: FrenchFryZine@gmail.com

P.S.- I'll miss everyone on this site! (feel free to send me an email if you want to connect)


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