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Deep Dreams of Electric Sheep: Submissions Wanted

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Comment by janelloshea on November 19, 2011 at 10:27am

Reminder post--

Deadline in 10 days (November 30)

for "Dear You: Letters to Lost Friends" Compilation Zine


Hello! This is a call for submissions to my new compilation zine project: "Dear You: Letters To Lost Friends". I've previously posted here calling for subs to the rather successful compilation zine: The Perfect Day and this would be my 2nd comp. zine.

What is this about?
Dear You: Letters to Lost Friends is a compilation zine project containing letters to people who for various reasons, are not in our lives anymore / are less significant.

It is inevitable that people who enter our lives, leave eventually. Dealing with people leaving is not easy, but it is the ways some of them leave that just make it a lot more difficult to handle. The sudden non-talking, the disinterest, the distance, death... This could be due to many reasons, major disagreements, moving away physically or emotionally, breakups, differences, changes in life circumstances, deaths and etc.

Writing letters could be a crucial part of the healing process.

Submit ANONYMOUS letters you've written to friends who were once in your life but aren't anymore / less significant.

For more information, kindly visit the project site here.

Thank you!


Comment by Awkward Sex 'Zine on November 12, 2011 at 8:18am

For the second issue of Awkward Sex, we're looking for personal stories, artwork and/or photographs that center around physically, emotionally, psychologically or otherwise awkward sexual experiences from people of ALL gender and sexual identities. 

- Personal stories, artwork, or photographs under 3 pages in length
- Any identifying information about people should be changed to protect their privacy
- All submissions should be suited for black and white printing
- All visual submissions should be in .jpg format

Send your work and questions to awkwardsexzine@gmail.com, along with the name you’d like to appear with your work (feel free to use a pseudonym), your age, and location (city, state, and/or country).

DEADLINE: January 31, 2012

http://awkwardsexzine.word press.com/


Comment by Ben Mohr on November 9, 2011 at 11:50pm

I am looking for anyone who would like to contribute to the third issue of my zine Crime Unlimited Inc. Co.After the last issue, which was incredibly time consuming to work on alone, I wanted to go back to my original vision of the zine and make it a collaborative effort.

The theme is, as the title implies, crime. This can be in the form of hardboiled detective stories, crime fiction, cartoons about crime/mischief/etc. Of course, anything from artwork to comics to articles to short stories would be greatly appreciated. This is actually my first all-digital zine work. If you could do it on computer or scan it, email it to me, that would be awesome. I'm looking to get it out within the next month or two. If interested, email me at futurereagan@gmail.com and we can talk. Thanks for looking.

Comment by TangleCrafts on November 7, 2011 at 3:13am
Looking for submissions for the next issue of my Enchanted Times zine (due next year).  If you're interested in submitting artwork, poetry, short fiction or any short item relating to fairy tales, please see full info in the most recent blog post on my page: http://wemakezines.ning.com/profile/TangleCrafts.  Thanks!
Comment by Nito-onna on November 6, 2011 at 4:44pm


I'm calling for submissions for the first issue of Girlzone zine. Girlzone is a not for profit feminist collective, exploring monthly themes concerning adolescent and young adulthood through the realisation and understanding of feminism. Supporting female artists and writers through a monthly zine.


This months theme is HAIR

The deadline is 18th Nov


I really hope people want to get involved! Please go to our tumblr for more info http://girlzonezine.tumblr.com or send submissions to girlzonezine@gmail.com <3

Comment by R on November 5, 2011 at 3:24pm
I am collecting submissions for a zine written about and for people who hear voices.  Hearing voices is a more common experience than most people realise, and one that is detrimentally linked to mental health problems and to a negative, stereotyped view of people with mental health problems.  It has been argued that hearing voices is part of the human experience, and can be documented from the very beginning of our historical records.  I am open to any kind of submissions about the experience of hearing voices - whether your story is about yourself, about living with or caring for someone who hears voices (with their permission and/or appropriate annonymisation), about being diagnosed due to hearing voices, about positve or negative experiences of hearing voices, about one-off or ongoing experiences of hearing voices, about experiences of being labelled due to hearing voices.  Both personal and technical/academic writing is welcome in any format from prose to poetry and beyond.  Artwork is welcome.  Any submissions or questions about the project can be emailed to gadfi_um AT yahoo dot co dot uk
Comment by HellHathNoFury on November 2, 2011 at 10:12am

Welcome to issue 1 and 2 of my 3 part, FREE, zine release. ‘Screw Your Zine’ spawned from my encounter with a zine-maker that turned in to playground politics. The theme develops and extends through all three issues.


If you would like a free copy of both issues please send an A4 or A5 stamped addressed envelope to 15 John Pritchard House, Buxton Street, London, E1 5AS

Comment by Jordan / Feral Is My Heart on October 25, 2011 at 1:09pm


MAKING NEW MAPS is a compilation zine about reconsidering or stopping the current or future course of social and/or medical gender transition for any reason. This zine is for binary & non-binary transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, questioning, intersex, and other folks who are at any stage of social or medical transition.

Here are some ideas to get your thoughts flowing:

~ hierarchy of trans*ness: moving beyond the dominant narratives of trans* male and trans* female experiences & identities; beyond the dominant narrative of genderqueer; emphasis on medically transitioning & doing it a certain way; misogyny and transmisogyny in trans* spaces & communities; gender policing & gender essentialism; binary gender identities and expressions being seen as the default, superior to non-binary identities & expressions

~ misogyny, transmisogyny, anti-femininity in trans male / trans masculine, trans female / trans feminine, and non-binary spaces & communities, and in cisgender gay/lesbian/queer spaces.

~ gender & body autonomy (or lackthereof) and intersex, trans*, and genderqueer people

~ the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM, “Bible of psychiatry”), WPATH/Harry Benjamin Society, and the pathologization of trans* and intersex people

~ language, pronouns

~ transitioning (socially and/or medically) and classism, racism, dis/ability, medical status, mental health status, ageism, etc.; pressure to transition

~ medically transitioning via underground hormones & surgery; holistic/alternative transitioning

~ gender policing, gender essentialism, gender stereotyping

~ non-binary gender identities, non-binary gender expressions & transition therapy; transitioning (medically and/or socially) as a non-binary-gendered persyn & being misgendered / mispronouned, alienated from binary trans & gay/lesbian communities and spaces;

~ moving beyond dominant images & narrative of “genderqueer”; the genderqueer community (is there one?)

~ socially and/or medically “detransitioning” voluntarily or involuntarily; lack of information about stopping medical transition; lack of support for “detransitioning” within trans* communities and spaces

~ shifting gender identity before, during or after social or medical transition

~ coming out vs not coming out

~ navigating gendered spaces (bathrooms, etc.) as a binary or non-binary trans*, intersex, and/or genderqueer, etc., person

Essays, poems, rants, etc. all welcome but no erotica, please – I want this zine to be accessible to kids & teens as well as adults! (Also, absolutely no racist/xenophobic, ableist, classist, ageist, sexist or misogynistic or transmisogynistic, queer/homophobic, transphobic, cissexist, or otherwise bigoted crap!)

Maximum of 3 pages single-spaced per submission, please! Typed or handwritten.

Artwork (drawings, photos, collages, etc.) totally welcome & appreciated! 1-2 pages per submission!

DEADLINE: May 5th, 2012

Send submissions to Jordan at nervoushabitdistro(at)gmail(dot)com

P.O. Box 10752

Takoma Park, MD 20912

(please repost/reblog/share this if you and/or people you know may be interested!)
Comment by Paper Monster Press on October 24, 2011 at 9:53am



You draw lines and you draw lines, and then you shape boxes and boxes and try to decide which ones fit you best. But have you ever stepped outside the line, and think, coming this far, how much farther would you dare? That’s why, people who are openly queer call this term coming out of the closet. Because we close ourselves, and cage our hearts, and throw away the key. This issue, we dare you to come out with us. Cross those lines on tightropes, shrug off gender boundaries, do away with stereotypes. We are who we are, and if we know this then labels don’t matter at all. Because we’ve got to honour the differences, or what’s the same wouldn’t count.


And who could be more queer, or more punk than us? We ask you once again to trust us with your submissions. We ask you to explore the boundaries of gender, race, stereotypes, rebellion, and anarchy. We ask you to give us your poetry, your art, and your music, in its most rebellious, most queer punk. Mainstream or underground, gay or lesbian, hardcore or soft porn, and hey, even alpha males are welcome. We want you to colour our worlds queer(punk). Now there are no rules, no boundaries, we’ll make our love on wastelands and through the barricades (Spandau Ballet).


We are interested in works that question, that reveal, that critique, that ask, that makes us curious. We want to see colors, and explosions, and madness, we want works that ignite our passion for equality and justice. We want works that ask for human dignity for all. We want works that make us want to shrug off oppression, and put it aside to forever after never be worn by anyone again. Because Who in the New World does not have a horror of the past, whether his ancestor was torturer or victim? Who in the depth of conscience, is not silently screaming for pardon or revenge? The pulse of New World history is the racing pulse beat of fear, the tiring cycles of stupidity and greed (Derek Walcott). And it need be that no longer. In the dawn of the New Age, we ask you to join us to fight for human dignity for all. Gay or lesbian, man or woman, colored or white; all different, all beautiful. And in this great future, you can forget your past, so dry your tears, I say (Bob Marley).




  1. Literary (English/ Filipino). 500 words or less.
  2. Visual Art (colored/ black and white). JPEG Format.
  3. Music. MP3 format.


Send everything to papermonsterpress@yahoo.com until October 31, 2011. Thank you and support the small press!

Comment by Karley Bayer on October 24, 2011 at 6:27am

Greetings from the Gutter!


The Filth will celebrate its first birthday in January. We are doing a birthday/candy theme... a sort of dark tea party thing. We need short stories (no word limit) and art! Something like this:


There were puppies strung up in the trees... their bloated little bodies crawling with maggots, swarming with flies. The girl in the party dress and blindfold spun around... once, twice... three times for good measure, and swung the branch as hard as she could, soundly connecting with the closest corpse. The body burst open in a riot of entrails, a miasma of stench. Gore soaked the children who were eating cake nearby.


Send contributions to thefilthsubmissions@gmail.com Deadline December 20th

I am also interested in doing some trades, so hit me up!



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