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Hey there!  Just started a new concept zine.  every issue's theme will be based on different major events that have occurred in my life.  We will collect different people's viewpoints, and try to sort of create a zine that can be used to remember major things, reminder to people down the road after us.  (imagine if someone wrote a zine about when the first atomic bomb was dropped?  or when kennedy was killed?)


the first theme will be the Columbine Massacure.  do you remember it?  where were you, what were you doing, how did it affect you?  let me know if you'd like to contribute.  deadline is the end of March.  thank you!

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I'd love to contribute, what are you looking for in terms of length/visual?
well, any typed text can be emailed to me, and i'll format it. i don't know what size i'll do, but maybe half-legal size? if you want to do visuals or illustrations, let me know! it would be good to have one person maybe head up the visuals, and maybe have lots of pictures of the event and stuff. what are your thoughts? what would you like to do?
sounds interesting. I'll see if I can write something to contribute.
Would you want reactions to Columbine or just specifically Columbine? I was a freshmen in high school when it happened and we had a bomb scare the week after Columbine, and then a separate bomb scare where my ex-boyfriend got a visit from gov't officials and his house searched because someone saw him throw a cigarette out his window and then a bomb was found nearby, so they thought he did it, and because it was all right after Columbine everything got blown way out of proportion. I documented the whole thing very well i.e. student reactions, a teacher showing us how to open the windows so we could jump out if necessary the day of the bomb scare and then I came home and had to talk to cops too.
yes, all of that. all of it, any of it. how did the event affect you? what stories does it bring to your mind? please write up something about all the things you just talked about, that's the sort of stuff i'm looking for



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