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I have just recently formed a crust punk girl band as a joke-- it's meant to parody both girl bands seen in pop music and the crust punk lifestyle.  Since it's already taken off (within 48 hours of coming up with the concept, we had a gig booked), I thought why not make a zine too!  It's an ANTI-FASHION zine since this is all about not conforming to society's ideal female, joking about the absurdity of female fashions, etc, and I've always been annoyed with mainstream women's magazines, I think it would be funny to do an anti-fashion magazine!


But this band is also about lack of effort, so I thought, why not have other people have a go at contributing something to the zine.


What I'm looking for:

--Humorous short stories and poems (under 600 words or so-- get to the punchline!)  Can be fiction or real life, just make it funny and well-written!

--dirty limericks

--Photos or drawings that contribute to the anti-fashion theme.  Can be humorous or just plain cool.  The more outrageous the look, the better.

--How-to guides, articles, etc.  Again, can be silly or serious, can be a parody of mainstream fashion, but be outrageous!  Guides to doing completely outdated styles are particularly encouraged.

--Reviews of other girl bands/female artists, written in a humorous way.  Doesn't matter what the exact genre is; can be indie or mainstream, as long as it's an entertaining review.  Also doesn't have to be up-to-date in the slightest; if you want to review the hot new single from 1963 that you found in the attic, go for it.

--templates for graffiti stencils

--articles on how to make the abandoned warehouse, boxcar, whatever you're squatting in "more homey".  Can be genuine or completely absurd.

--sheet music/guitar tabs.  I think this should have music in it the same way Victorian magazines did.

--Ideas for parlor games.  If they involve alcohol and nudity, all the better.

--Whatever other junk you feel like submitting.  If it's amusing, I'll throw it in.

--parodies of advertisements


Please send submissions to poshcrusty@yahoo.com with the subject line "anti-fashion".

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