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To do:
* Add details of confirmed bookings to front page
* Create email addresses that forward to person responsible for that aspect, and add as contact details
* remove extra menu on pages
* fill in some details for the other tabs

anything else?

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mailing list for attendees to sign up for updates?
good idea!

Stephanos said:
mailing list for attendees to sign up for updates?
I set up the email addresses for the website to forward to your individual email accounts and sent a test email, but Ellie and Edward, yours bounced. Can you email me emmajanefalconer@gmail.com so I can get the correct ones.
update- I've sorted the link layout problem, set up the email addresses, and started filling out the individual pages
cooool. i would suggest an email address for people to mail with offers/requests for accomodation. im happy to take on checking that.
ok, I'll add that one too

mujinga said:
cooool. i would suggest an email address for people to mail with offers/requests for accomodation. im happy to take on checking that.
ok, I've tarted up the front page a little, and added buttons to email people about various things. I've also added some buttons that automatically add the site to people's facebook favourites, reddit, stumble upon etc.
I've added a mailing list too
How's it looking?
looking good!

for the accomodation email, i think we need some blurb to explain it (maybe on a separate page), because im not gonna sort people's travel plans out for them, especially last minute, but more try to hook up people with willing hosts... this seemed to work out ok for the mulheim peeps...
here is a protoblurb:
a note for people who want to stay over in brighton -
you can check couchsurfing.com, hospitalityclub.org and globalfreeloaders.com
also, we would be happy to help hook up people who want to host zinesters with friendly zinesters.
if you want to host or if you need accomodation, email XXXXXXX
this service will stop being available one week before the zinefest because by then we will be too busy organising the fest to help people find accomodation
br /> does that sound ok?

and this is a small point, but i would prefer:

the brighton zine fest is open and welcoming to all, but racism and other discriminatory attitudes (or material) will not be tolerated

to the text that is there now which doesnt read so well
ok I've changed the front page "no nazis" warning, becausse I agree, your text sounds better. I'm setting up a separate accommodation page now
Ok, I've done the accommodation page. If you click on the question on the front page it goes there instead of straight to email http://brightonzinefest.moonfruit.com/#/accommodation/4531856959

I found some interesting looking cheapish hotels & a hostel to add to the page too, vegan/vegetarian food, gay-friendly, interesting interiors etc
Emma the website looks awesome! Looks like you were on the internet far too late last night though! If you want some info for the band section I have the Sunday listings:

PJ & Gaby (myspace.com/pjandgaby)
Apologies I Have None (thisbandgetskrunk.co.uk)
Sam Russo (myspace.com/idboostyouoverthewall)
Kelly Kemp (myspace.com/kellykempmusic)
Mega Games Two (myspace.com/themegagamestwo)

These are 100% ones there may be one or two changes but will do for now! Waiting on some confirmations for Sat but will let you know these asap!


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