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We've got the hall on Sun from whatever time we like now, need to find out what day is good for us to do the practice run. I can't generalise about what hours and so on I'll be working, as I'll be unemployed maybe after next fri

2009/1/9 westhill hall

fine, tell what time you want to get in and i'll met you there.
and the week before you could come tuesday evening or daytime, any good?

Thanks for changing the time. I'll get back to the other members of the collective and find out what time is good for the trial run.

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Anytime is fine for me, but Ellie won't be free until about 3:30 i would have thought; so probably best to make it then!

Emma Jane Falconer said:
Yeah, she's going to meet us there any time we like before 6. It's looking likely that I'll be able to come, but it's not firm, as I've been doing on call cover work at a language school, so my hours, and whether I'll even be working are all up in the air.
I'm free all day now on Thurs, shall we make it 4pm? I think it would be a good idea to bring a label with each stall name on, then we can see it all fitting in with our own eyes.
We had a variety of plans and they all seemed to work...if the first choice plan doesn't work we may aswell just do it on the fly, rather than referring to other plans that may not work!

Ellie said:
I'll be home from work about 2pm, it'll take me about 20 minutes to get to the hall so it can be earlier than that, how about 3?

Also, did you guys come up with some alterbative table plans? If so can you bring either hard copies or a laptop along with you?
Shall I tell Liane 3pm then?
aye, suits me

Emma Jane Falconer said:
Shall I tell Liane 3pm then?
I have to go to the dentists at 3pm for a checkup now (sorry! only slot they had!) and I've texted ellie as to where she can get the keys.
what was the result of the checkup?

Emma Jane Falconer said:
I have to go to the dentists at 3pm for a checkup now (sorry! only slot they had!) and I've texted ellie as to where she can get the keys.
I have crap teeth. I knew that already! But they said they'd only charge £50 to fix all the problems. Good old NHS . .



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