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So at the first meeting we said:

Initial ideas for workshops include zine readings, film showings, screen printing, the production of a communal zine, zine making, discussions including mini zines and sexuality zines and possibly kitchen sessions.

Now the Cowley Club is confirmed for Feb21, we can start to discuss workshops more seriously. I'm not really sure how many we can squeeze in and also if we also plan to do workshops on the stage at the zinefest ... So let me now your thoughts on that...

And please anyone throw in suggestions for awesome workshops!

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Yo! Spoke to Dylan and he's going to post a DVD of it over which I will pass onto Edward to make a decision on (with perhaps a sneaky viewing first!) he also said it's unlikely he can come over because of cash but it's vaguely possible he might.
a list of what is confirmed is online here - http://mujinga.net/workshops.pdf

times coming in february
I've just in the process of updating the workshops page. Wasn't there supposed to be a workshop about queer spaces in zine making? Is that still happening?
yeah it's still not confirmed. and the one from johanna and steph is about 'how DIY is gender and sexuality in DIY culture?', not activism. thats my bad, apologies. i updated it on http://mujinga.net/workshops.pdf

Emma Jane Falconer said:
I've just in the process of updating the workshops page. Wasn't there supposed to be a workshop about queer spaces in zine making? Is that still happening?
ok here is the current workshop schedule ... edd has confirmed he is doing bookbinding.

this list is online at http://mujinga.net/workshops.pdf and it would be cool if people can help to promote it to ensure we have some people at the workshops!
comments also welcome, cheers!


SATURDAY 21 at the Cowley Club (see below for what's happening Sunday)...

How To Make a Zine 13.00-15.00 front room

Held by Emma Jane Falconer (Ynfytyn)

Making a Communal Zine 12.00-17.00 table in front room

The plan here is simply to make a zine on the day, so come with materials or use what is already on the table. The format is left intentionally vague so the zine can be formed by the people making it on the day. It is suggested everyone makes one or two pages, then we will collate and fotocopy the results before the gig. Everyone is welcome to participate.
Co-ordinators - Ellie, Steve, Edward

Bookbinding time to be set

A introduction to the joy of bookbinding (without the glue!). The workshop will be hands on, you'll be creating a sketch book/ notebook that you can take away with you at the end of the hour. You're welcome to bring a piece of A4 paper that you really enjoy writing/ drawing on to be used for the inside of the booklet, and decorative paper for the cover. Don't worry if you don't bring this stuff; I'll come with a stash of paper. The workshop is limited to 10 people.
Held by Edd (Last Hours)

Vegan Cookery 15.00-17.00 kitchen / front room

A workshop all about the joys of cooking and eating with fresh ingredients and using simple
but imaginative and flavourful recipes. We'll also look at how food is produced and distributed
today, how we cook/don't cook and eat, issues around nutrition, vegan diets, and eating
habits, as well as local community food projects and global community food struggles. And we
will prepare some tasty snacks together to nibble on during the discussion!
Held by Isy (Morgenmuffel, Another Dinner is Possible vegan cookbook)

UK Zine Yearbook 2009 13.00-14.30 library (out back door and up stairs)

The UK Zine Yearbook 2008 collected together two pages from a bunch of UK zines and
released them in one package. Toby edited the yearbook and will be on hand with tips and
suggestions. Edward would like to use this workshop to discuss the production of the 2009
version. If you are interested to help make the next yearbook or to give contributions for it,
then come along!
Held by Toby (New Wave of Cut and Paste, In My Head) and Edward (Mujinga, Using Space)

How DIY is gender and sexuality in DIY culture? 15.00 - 17.00 library

An informal discussion facilitated by Johanna and Steph

Screenprinting 101 front room 16.00

A short talk about the basics of screen printing your own T-shirts. This will be theoretical, then
bring a T-shirt and print your own at the zinefest on Sunday.
Held by Mark Pavey (Art is Proof)

Papercraft front room 15.00 - 17.00
Learn how to make things from paper. You are requested to bring some paper with you
(details forthcoming)
Hosted by Graeme Walker (Bookville)

Films 12 -17.00

We will show some (zine-related) movies in the back room of the Cowley Club. It will be signposted.

Films to be shown hopefully will include:

living room: space & place in infoshop culture
We focus on six infoshops in the film: the Lucy Parsons Center in Boston, Breakdown Book Collective & Community Space in Denver, Jane Doe Books in Brooklyn (RIP), the Long Haul Infoshop in Berkeley, The Back to Back Worker-run Cafe in Portland, OR, and the Wooden Shoe in Philadelphia. We decided to approach the film from a point of view interested in interrogating the importance of place and space in relation to
1.) peoples daily lives in urban areas
2.) the creation of activist movements for social change 3.) the decline of open/free public, non-commercialized space
4.) ways that privilege and oppression are manifest physically in space
5.) ways in which people participate in place-making exercises and/or resist feelings of placelessness.

$100 & a T-Shirt: A Documentary About Zines in the Northwest

A cultural analysis of what causes zine makers to tick; what the hell zines are, why people make zines, the origin of zines, the resources and community available for zine makers, and the future of zines. Interviews with about 70 zine makers, ex-zine makers, and readers from the northwest. Featuring footage of the Portland Zine Symposium, other zine related events, and activities bringing zine culture to life. An original documentary with over 64 hours of footage for people with a new interest in zines as well as pros and novices. The video sparks untapped creativity and new interest into zine making and reading.

SUNDAY at the zinefest at West Hill (12-5)


Bring a T-shirt to the Art is Proof stall and screenprint for cost of ink / donation. All levels of
expertise welcome.
Talk to Mark Pavey

Creative Zone

There will be a creative zone where people can sit down, draw, read and drink tea.
And the YOU DVD will be shown!
that would be great - do you have it?

Stephanos said:
And the YOU DVD will be shown!
2copies. There should eb enough copies of YOU for everyone who watches the film too I hope!

mujinga said:
that would be great - do you have it?

Stephanos said:
And the YOU DVD will be shown!
ok cool, can you give me a blurb for it? cheers!
"A series of readings from both the YOU anthology and individual letters by people wearing animal masks (45 minutes). YOU is a daily open letter written by Luke (and sometimes other people he has convinced to do so) about the goings on his life or whatever is on his mind. They are distributed around the world and left lying in unlikelyplaces for people to discover."

mujinga said:
ok cool, can you give me a blurb for it? cheers!
nice one, i have added that to the online info

just got the YOU book in the mail the other day
its a good'un but majorly hard on the eyes every now and again!

mujinga said:
nice one, i have added that to the online info

just got the YOU book in the mail the other day



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