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The thread for all the meetings etc!

NB last month's minutes have been attached.

Edit: Meeting 4 minutes added

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jan 9 is an agreeably random and far away date for me!
fridays aren't suitable for me cos i have to be at work the next day, mid-week is preferable for me again!
The 8th is the thursday?
so either 6th or 7th

Ellie said:
8th then? i can't do monday cus i work till 8 then have cricket practice till 10, and thursday i have a reading group at the library that week
6th or 7th is fine for me. Either of those better or worse for anyone? Any joy on poster front Ellie?
Hi all

I plan to get the minutes done this week (better late than never!) If any of you have anything that you need including please send it to me (either on here or by email).

6 or 7 are both okee for me

stephanos i guess you are talking about the minutes from the last meet in the pub? you missed an initial discussion about workshops (maybe more?) but there's not much to say really ... it's all in process and i'm confirming stuff with people... i will update the workshop thread in january..
Hi all! Hope everyone had a good Yultide! Is it possible to have the meeting on the 7th as have band practise on 6th! Can work something out if not but would be ideal if we could! Cheers!
7th preferable for me as i have lectures/work due in the am
ok so we are on for meeting wednesday then i guess? the trafalgar is ok for me...
hi and happy new year

would it be okay if
I popped along on weds? really interested to see whats happening and offering help if needed :)

More the merrier I say! Should hopefully be distributing posters/flyers at this meeting (either Ellie or myself should be collecting them on Tues or Weds) and nailing down details that we want on website, confirming workshops and stalls, discussing how to best use the net for advertising (i.e whose looking after the facebook and myspace to avoid repitition) and delegating work for the free guide zine for the weekend and I guess starting to look at logistics of the weekend.

Is there anything else there I've missed out?!

7.30 at the Battle of Traffalger good for all?
Ah thats really shit for Steve (hope all's OK if you're reading Steve!) :( I guess if we could get a list from Steve that would be ideal (could you cover that Ellie?)


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