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Scatter shot minutes, but I think pretty much everything we discussed is there. Could someone with more skills than I have make this into a pdf? Thanks in advance techno wizards.

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I can do the morning of the 12th.
I can do Monday mornings, and any time Wednesdays or Fridays. Anyone free during the day on weekdays, spill your availability here...
Hi mate,

That sounds like a good estimate, I think we should measure up before we invite though as otherwise could cause problems! You are right though we should do this asap. What weekends have they got free? I can pretty much do any weekend at some point, I think the earlier the better.

Ellie said:
ok, they're booked up with regular groups every weekday mornings. they might be able to squeeze us in on a weekday afternoon, but weekends are really the best. may aone sunday in november? i've been trying to knock up a little plan on powerpoint and it looks like there are enough tables for our purposes.

i reckon a distro like corndog could fit on one of the 4ft tables, split the 5ft and 6ft tables in half for slightly smaller zines, or maybe split the 6ft one into 3 if the stallholder only has a few things. then you can fit 2 on the 4ft round tables i reckon. the big 5th one i think we should keep aside for workshop/crafts. so heres what i think

9 * 4ft tables = 8 large distros + 1 BZF
6 * 5ft tables = 12 small distros/zines (with 2.5ft each)
7 * 6ft tables = 14 medium distros or 21 smaller zines (either with 3ft each or 2ft each)
5 * 4ft round tables = 10 medium distros/zines

the only trouble is that we don't know exactly how wide the tables are cus i'm a dolt, but from the looks of some of the pictures i'd say around 2ft.

does that sound reasonable or too small or what?
Good stuff mate, does everyone check here or should this be emailed out as well? I'm good for 25th. Are we having a meeting before then or waiting till after it?
kewl beans .. i can make oct25 but would rather not pick up the keys .. but can do if noone else can ..



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