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it's the holy grail isn't it?

so far i have 4p a copy at sussex uni but im not sure if i can really get away with doing double-sided non-school stuff


the brighton resource centre has two copy printers which are ... like a photocopier but different. kinda nicer result actually. it gets cheaper the more you do, and it's quite reasonable. i'm considering £23.10 for 100 zines of 5 pages of double-sided A4 folded down to A5.
there's an online price calculator!

you can do stapling and folding for free

or footprinters.co.uk in leeds for ethical printing - i have been thinking about that for a while too

anyone got any more tips/suggestions?

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I tend to just use the 5p per side photocopiers in the shop down the street, really as I'm lazy. On the other hand my zines usually come out as 3 a4 sheets per issue, so it's hardly bank breaking for me, I give some to people, swap some and sell a few.
Thanks for the tipoff about the resource centre tho, that looks great
Footprint are really good, and sensible prices too. Though it gets a bit expensive (as with anywhere) if you want anything out of the ordinary. The other good thing about them is the environmental aspect, since zine printing can be very un-green if it's not done with that sort of thing in mind. I've not found anywhere who can do a decent sized run as affordably as them.

The absolute cheapest way is to know someone who has access to a decent photocopier (that helped me out no end when I was printing my zine), but then if you know someone you're probably not going to need any advice!

A few years back Buz from the Punker Bunker mentioned a friend of his who does his flyers who would be able to print zines (though you'd have to do your own folding and stapling which is a pain in the arse on a large run), though I'm not sure if this bloke is publicly accessible, and bear in mind that info is from many years ago.

If you're paying the standard 5p per sheet (not bad considering inflation really - it's been that rate for about 10 years) you're paying too much and should be able to get it down to about 3p per side, though if you're only doing a short run then that's the most economical way to do it since very few places will beat that price on anything less than a few hundred sheets.

Of course if you're going down the 5p photocopy route there's the flexibility of being able to print up more copies as and when you need to, and you don't need to suffer the initial outlay of getting a run done.

If you're looking at printing for your first zine, you just have to be prepared to pay a lot and suffer the inconveniences of doing a short run and paying street prices, but soon enough you build up contacts and get an idea what sort of run you need to be doing and can do it all in bulk.
I tend to print them in batches of 20 or so, as I need them. I don't have much space, and I don't distribute my zines particularly widely, so it suits me.



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