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How Do you decide what to publish online vs. in print?

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We've been doing print since 1996 and loved it. But, as time went on the cost to print kept increasing and we decided to start looking into online/blogging at the same time. The printed version started pushing our readers to the blog and started to "outperform" the print pretty dramatically. While I wouldn't say we killed the printed zine, we haven't had one in a long time. We'll probably focus on regular online content and may do a special print edition for special occasions or something.


I think these days you most definitely have to make your material available online as well as in print form. The way to offer your work more consistently to your readers, or potential customers would be to keep your material the same consistency online as well as in print. It is also seems like the easiest way to publish your work, because you're going off one script, or one format. The one big difference I see is that online zine material and information can quickly be updated versus a printed zine would need a revision done in the next issue. But personally I will use my printed zine to promote my online blog and the my blog to promote my zine, it's a way of offering both options, or choices to your readers and followers.


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