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I got this idea from another group on here (+1 travelling zine trade) and thought I'd start one for Australians only because of postage costs. Living on the arse end of the earth does have its downfalls. 

If you're interested, these are the ideas/rules that I've come up with so far. As much as I hate rules, I think for this to work there does have to be a couple, like:

- please only sign up if you're genuinely interested in participating. There'd be nothing worse than losing a good box of zines to somebody who can't be bothered sending it on.-

- I'm not sure how much postage will cost but we'll try and keep it around the $10-$15 mark. 

- when you swap zines, make sure that what you're putting in is of equal or better quality to the one/s you are taking out. It'd suck if we started off with nice thick zines and ended up with a box of scrap paper.

- Australians only.

- Communication is key. If you suddenly can't afford to pass on the package, or you've been swamped with work/life and are running late - it'd be ace if you could just let the group know.

- It might also be a good idea that if a person can't be contacted before their time is due to receive the package, then they get skipped until they get in contact? What do you think?

As for the other info

- I'm happy to start the box off as I have a bunch of zines that I'd like to offload.

- I'll include a book with a list of the zines included and people can add their mail addresses in the back if they like. When you receive the package, you can write out what you took and what you replaced them with. 

Feedback on the following would be great:

- The other group has a one zine trade, I thought it'd be fine if we swapped as many zines as we liked, does anyone see there being any issues with this? 

- Should I include a travelling journal/ letter book? Whoever wants to can add some drawings, a letter, whatever to the book?

- Should there be a recommended time limit for sending stuff out? Say, a month? Two weeks?

Please invite other Australians! And if you know of anyone that isn't on WMZ who might be interested, please encourage them to join up so we can keep the discussion and organising all in one place.

If you've got any other thoughts or questions, post 'em here!

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I'm keen! I really like the idea of a travelling journal/letter book too! What about 3 weeks for a time limit?

Lemme know when it all kicks off. x

3 weeks sounds good to me too. Particularly considering that if anyone joins from say, Perth - it takes a good week to get mail there (or from there to here) from the East coast.

I'll definitely be putting in a book for writing in as well. I'll probably be sending this off next week as we have a few people keen now.

The other thing I need to check with everybody is cost. What is the price people are happy to pay for postage? Up to 500grams in a prepaid satchel is $7.20 but I can only fit five or six zines in for that price! The next bracket is up to 3kg which is suitable, but that's $11.40. Is everyone able to afford this?

$11.40 is do-able for me :D

Sorry I hadn't seen this post until now! $11.40 cool by me too. Has it made its debut voyage yet?...

Not yet! in the middle of moving house but I'll do it asap. <3

not stressed so much as checking! good luck with the move :)


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