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I’m working on a project exploring the concept of ‘permanent’ or ‘unending liminality’ in relation to trans-identities* and experience today, and am inviting individuals to become involved in an art project/ zine collaboration, and potentially a larger body of work.


To read more about the project and me, please click here to be directed to the Tumblr site.


Using liminality to think about Trans + identities and experience

I’m interested in using the term 'permanent' or 'unending liminality' to consider how in our modern society, trans+ and/or gender non–conforming folk can often exist in a permanent state of social limbo. We face legal, social, medical, cultural (etc.) barriers and challenges, which affect us as a community and as individuals. These inevitably hit us in our day-to-day lives. Not all trans+ folk experience this, but those of us who do not seek, or see, assimilation into cis-normative society as an option, can do. We’re in a permanent state of liminality.


To read more about what 'liminality' and 'permanent liminality' mean click here...


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If you would like to contribute you can do it in 1 or 2 different ways :


1) Send a submission for ‘Outskirts’ zine


A new zine exploring liminality. Ideas you might want to respond to :


Transgression of gender norms

  • Social, legal, political, medical, cultural (etc.) exclusions, barriers and challenges people face as a result of transgressing gender norms.
  • How have you/do you navigate these?
  • How do they impact on your daily life?


 Intersections with other facets of experience/identity

  • Health, physical and mental dis/ability, neurodiversity, race, class, sexuality, ethnicity, cultural background, age, religious and political beliefs, un/employment, immigration status (etc.).


Invisibility and Visibility

  • Identities being reduced to those within dominant language/classifactory systems e.g. being seen as male/female ‘mix’ rather than having an identity in their own right.
  • Experiences that non-binary, genderfluid, genderqueer, bigender, agender, genderfuck, queer + people face. 
  • The assigned characteristics of liminal people as androgynous, sexless, asexual, nonsexual, what this might mean for folks who identify as/with any of those.


Outsiderhood/ Marginalisation

  • Individuals who choose to subvert binary boundaries
  • Individuals whose experience does not include choice
  • Combination/relationship between the two.
  • Marginalisation in society
  • ‘Outsiderhood’, the positive/negative connotations of the term.
  • Hermetic ways of living, isolation.
  • Other social groups affected by systems of oppression through their liminal status/es.


Radical possibilities for social change

  • Creating more inclusivity and sensitivity in different social environments, Queer spaces
  • Ways we can empower, support and celebrate with each other.
  • Modifications and adaptations we make in our home/work/social environments etc.


What you need to send me for the zine

  • Artwork, short story, essay, poetry, comic, photography, diary, any format!
  • Please make sure it can fit on no more than 2 sides of A5
  • Images at 300dpi and no larger than 5mb.
  • An address so I can send you a copy!

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2) Become part of a portrait exchange



I’m creating a series of abstract ‘portraits’ of people who feel they occupy liminal space, or who feel a strong connection to the word.

It can be social, spatial, economic, racial, geographical, political, cultural, spiritual, the list goes on, whatever shape or shapes it takes- I’m interested in hearing from you.

The portraits wont be undertook in the ‘traditional’ way, but constructed using ‘documents’* (that you’ll send me) which articulate your/or a part of your liminal experience.

They’ll attempt to reflect both the paradox of trying to articulate and situate a state which is theoretically temporary, and give agency to the simple human need for connection, grounding, and structure, which is often absent from our liminal experiences and exchanges.


What you need to send me for the portrait exchange


1)  Documents*- You can interpret this in any way, be as figurative or abstract as you like.

  • It can be an image, a photograph, a film still, a drawing, some text, a colour, a texture, a song…
  •  Choose things which express what liminality means to you
  •  Make sure it has a material quality so I can paint it.


2)  Your name/pseudonym or ‘anonymous’, a description of what the documents you’ve chosen depict, and any other text or information you feel is important for your contribution. 


(Please see the images attached, for an example of the kinds of 'documents' you could send me, and an example of what a liminal portrait with accompanying description might look like. )


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Each participant involved will either get an A4 colour print of their portrait, or a copy of the zine. I’ll keep the original artworks. I will keep you up to date with what I intend to do with the portraits.

I’m going to make an online version of both the zine and the portraits, enabling viewers and the participants to connect and contact each other if they wish. 

If you do not want me to use your portrait for future exhibitions, display it online, or have it printed in the zine, please let me know when you submit. 

There is no obligation to have it all ‘out in the open’, I want to be as sensitive to people’s experiences as I can be, so just let me know. 

The zine will be published in Spring 2017.


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Send submissions, questions, queries to outskirts project@gmail.com

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