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Interest has been expressed to organize a 24 Hour Zine Thing zine swap for the participants who finish their zine this month. In the past we have tried this but it hasn't turned out too well. Any recommendations for how this could successfully work? And how many people would be interested in participating?

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Maybe have something listed in multiple locations? Here, Facebook, Twittah, etc...so that people see it regardless of where they are on the interwebz.

I would be. By the time the swap happens I should have postage money and a mailing address.

I'm currently working on a DIY Postcard Exchange (basically a zine swap with postcards) & I've come into some problems...I'd just recommend making it very clear that once you sign up you're in & required to participate (of course you can't force anyone but just make sure that they're serious in a light-hearted fun way) & just make sure that people understand that this is gonna cost them the price of postage for all their zines - which leads to a maximum amount of people in the swap so it's not gonna be too pricey...I'd say under 30? The first 25 people? First 27?

Hope this might help - I'm sooooo in! I'd LOVE to do a swap - I cannot fucking WAIT to clear my schedule, a whole 24 hours, to make Elliott Smith Stabbed Himself In the Heart #2!



Totally in for doing the swap. Super-excited to take part -- looking fwd to seeing what everyone comes up with this month!

Would it be possible to tag zine swappers on this years participants list on the main 24HZT website? Makes for a simple reference in a single location. That participants page could be linked to from here and anywhere else like Facebook in order to avoid anyone needing to update across multiple sites.

And maybe if it can be asked that all the swap zines are to be mailed out by, say, mid-August or so? I know that, for me at least, having a bit of a deadline helps to keep things like this from slipping too far down the to do list, Especially in the always-busy summer months.

So, as the month comes to an end, are people still interested in this?  I'm gonna re-post to FB and the main 24HZT page here on We Make Zines, too.

Now that more people are completing their challenge zines, I suspect more people have bandwidth to think about doing a trade.

And, if not, then, hey, the 4 or 5 us in here get to swap our zines either way!

I've already sent mine off to a couple of people. If you'd like to trade, feel free to message me.

I want swapsies - but I'm not going to be able to sort out posting for at least a week, maybe two... if you can bear the wait please message me :D

Lindsay - I am totally down with doing a trade in a week or so.

Since there are a relatively small # of ppl interested, maybe we should all just contact each other re: direct trades.  Might be easier!

If anyone want to email me re: trades, shoot me a line at:


I understand this problem myself.  When I swap with others I generally send my zine and usually never receive a zine from my recipient.  I would love to trade with others for my 24 hour zine, but since my main focus is Cadillac Girl, I posted a copy of my 24 hour zine on my website so I dont' run into the issues of wasting money on postage to send my copy and not get one back in return. http://cadillacgirlzine.webs.com but if anyone is really interested in tarding for this project please let me know and I will make copies and place one in the mail : )

Thank so much for all your feedback!

If you are interested in having your contact information published on the website so that others may contact you about zine swaps, please e-mail the contact info you would like listed to 24hourzines[at]gmail.com



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