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I am super stoked to announce that ZineWiki is back online! ZineWiki is an open source encyclopedia devoted to zines and independent media.

ZineWiki features more than 2,300 articles about zines, publishers, and many other aspects of the small press. It was originally created in June 2006 by Alan Lastufka and Kate Sandler (of Fall of Autumn) to document the vibrant underground publishing world. Dan Halligan (former publisher of the zine 10 Things and co-founder of the alternative publication Tablet) and I (Jerianne, editor & publisher of Zine World) have taken over as co-administrators.

Dan and I plan to continue the project where it left off. We want to see ZineWiki as a comprehensive resource about zines worldwide: current and discontinued zines (including comics, chapbooks, etc.), zine publishers, zine history, zine distros, zine culture, and so on. If you had an account on ZineWiki before, your account will still work. If you don't have one, please sign up. Log in, make edits, add content.

This would not have happened if not for the hard work of my partner Denny, who restored the database and got the site back online. If you want to show him your appreciation, you can send your thanks to webmaster at zinewiki dot com or via mail (c/o Zine World).

Please help us spread the word. See you at ZineWiki!

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amazing!!! thanks so much!
It looks like the email was sent but bounced. Maybe it's an old email address attached to your account? Anyway, I made that change for you.

Sarah said:
Re-read and saw the deal in the original post. Duh.
Anyway, my old login isn't working and I've yet to get a new password sent to me via e-mail.
OMG! i just crapped my pants. thank you for all the work denny!
Totally amazing - stoked to have it back up!
Hey Jerianne!
We are on Zine Wiki! and constantly uploading and editing new things!

Kim Riot and Mrat
ZineWiki needs you!

In the past month and a half, we've grown to more than 2500 entries -- but most of that is because of the work of just a few individuals. There are more than 1900 zines listed and more than 400 zinester entries on ZineWiki -- but not all of them have entries, and many of them are just stubs. As you can see, we're just barely scrapping the surface of zine culture!

It's very easy to sign up for the site and to create new pages or edit entries. If every person on WeMakeZines would sign up and post an article about your zine or one of your favorite zines, think how much more comprehensive ZineWiki would be!

We are also working on developing policies and guidelines, something that is long overdue. We've posted some proposed content guidelines, we've got a discussion going about deletion policy, and we're working on a manual of style. Please help us develop these policies & guidelines by joining the discussion -- post your support or opposition, raise concerns, make suggestions, ask questions.
Ohhh, my gosh. Good for you guys! Thank you - it's such a good resource for all of us here in the community, and the outside world too. I am so excited! Imma post about this all over the damn place!



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