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Heey there-

Any of you out there on tumblr? I occasionally have posts related to my latest zine projects and such and I think it'd be cool if we created more of a zine community on tumblr. I follow a few different zine tumblrs already and it's fun to see what people are working on.

my tumblr: lauralanesays.tumblr.com *

* sorry about the link before, new tumblr name ^

Let's follow each other and spread the zine-love.

Laura Lane

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I have had a tumblr for awhile but I am just now realizing how it is a replacement for my old livejournal, but prettier.


my tumblr: http://berlingotiere.tumblr.com/

i posted about my zine there a couple times. it used to be an Edward Gorey blog, but now i use it for other miscellaneous stuff.

Although I don't really like way tumblr is set up, I feel like I need to have some experience with it, so I have started one that will focus on zines and fat activism. If you wanna follow me I'm here: http://ponyboypress.tumblr.com/

I just followed a bunch of you. A couple links didn't work, including the person who started this thread. Follow me if you want. Thanks!

Hey all-


good grrrl friends of mine are getting this started! Check it out & they're looking fer submissions :

What I’d like for each of you to do, if you are willing, is to write a blurb on what sisterhood means to you. You can write about anything you want, your relationships with your friends your sisters your your family your mothers, you can write about what you think has contributed to your sense of womanhood or your idea of what sisterhood is, you can write about GRRL PARTY, you can write about what challenges you face as a woman in whatever it is that you do, you can write about how sisterhood challenges or enhances your life as a male, you can write about how you overcome these challenges, what sucks, what rules, what makes the relationships you have with your sisters special and different than the ones you have with men … You can talk about anything you want. 


didn't realize till I saw the comment that my tumblr link in the original discussion post wasn't working. Sorry 'bout that!

P.S. thanks fer all the responses. My dashboard is blooming with all of yer zine-tastic posts ;)

Just announced my latest mini comic on my tumblr: strangertwostranger.tumblr.com

I also have:

tumblr of my drawings: lifeillustrated.tumblr.com

tumblr of my photography and other things I like: graycard.tumblr.com


I mostly just repost things. More often post meaningful things at my blogger. Though if I do start putting stuff into a zine, the blogger may just be a mirror for some of the content (Some of the stuff I'm going to put in is already on there and my old posterous)



kingclumsy.blogspot.com (setting up a brand, yo)



I put mostly visual art on mine. A lot of it overlaps with stuff from The Fury Zine like better reproductions of my photos.


I don't have an official tumblr for my actual zine, but I do post stuff relating to it on pixelpropaganda.tumblr.com

Also, I just joined today as I've been looking for like-minded individuals and "La Lucha!", my zine, is still in progress.

Haha, me too. I love tumblr and looking at pictures all day. lucifermorningstar.tumblr.com


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