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Heey there-

Any of you out there on tumblr? I occasionally have posts related to my latest zine projects and such and I think it'd be cool if we created more of a zine community on tumblr. I follow a few different zine tumblrs already and it's fun to see what people are working on.

my tumblr: lauralanesays.tumblr.com *

* sorry about the link before, new tumblr name ^

Let's follow each other and spread the zine-love.

Laura Lane

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its kinda lame, not a lot of original stuff, though i do follow a few zine tumblrs on there.

I'm on tumblr, but it's not very zine related (though I did announce my latest zine there, and my tumblr is named after an older zine of mine).

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i'm an admin for the we love zines tumblr, my queer feminist comp zine hoax has its own, and i also have a goofy personal one! :)

Heey all I'm doing a lil' zine giveaway thru my tumblr ( http://lauralanesays.tumblr.com/post/27497673699/taking-a-cue-from-... ) reblog that post and I'll pick a few people to mail out the latest issue of Staircase Wit Zine #5 - just printed and copied yesterday! thanks, laura lane.

This is my tumblr link.



As I get free moments, I'll post more work and info into this, but I've a new tumblr for a zine event coming up here in august: http://we-are-collective.tumblr.com/

Sometimes I post zine related stuff. Usually I reblog other stuff I like or use it like I used to use lj (read: long, nonsensical posts about all the feelings I have). http://punkjoanofarc.tumbr.com

Since I try to keep things consistent, I'm also LogPoes.tumblr.com :-)

I'm on tumblr, too!  I love that place. 

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The Zine I Read - I've been posting the reviews I write for Piltdownlad on this tumblr site.



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