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Zinesters here that have been publishing their zines for 15 or more years.

Who here has published their zine for more than ten years?
Who more than 15?
My zine Musea began in 1992, so this is it's 18th year of continuous publishing.
Who else?

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I've been publishing Miranda since 1998.
W. Alan Fare said:
You've published for over a thousand years? I must be slacking, I'm only coming up on the thirty year mark.

Ericfishlegs said: 1997, not 1007. All my readers will be shocked to see a typographical error from me. If there's one thing I've gained a reputation for it's my perfect typing.
Yep, you and I are the only ones. Heath Row was also on staff for that first issue; he's dropped in and out over the years and currently is off staff again.

Tom Hendricks said:
Pleased to say, I was one of the original reviewers chosen by Doug Holland, and still review today - may be the only original still on staff? Jerianne would know for sure.

Jerianne said:
Zine World has been publishing since 1997, so 13 years and counting!
I first published within an APA in 1985, published my first mini-comic in 1987 and have been publishing off and on since then. Started Poopsheet as a print zine in 1993, published around 20 issues and then took it online. So, while I've still published the occasional mini-comic or zine here and there most of my "publishing" is online these days, sadly...

since 1992...Muse of Fire....get a bulldozer...there a putrid tuna on the beach
good question... sprak! was the bastard child of splatter videos & cult classicks which was 87/88 i think... i never kept copies or masters or any of that... much to my disgust now... but in one form or another its been hanging around since the late 80s... with long breaks intween some issues !! back then it was cut and paste and whiteout and an electric typewriter my boss gave me for nothing cos it didnt quite work right and sneaking in in the morning to photocopy before anyone else got to work
I've been publishing Miranda, a zine about motherhood and other adventures, for 12 years, since 1998. It wasn't about motherhood to start with, but kind of evolved into that. Issue 20 will be out this summer. (www.katehaas.com)
The real MUSEA says fine to Kate and the other zines for replying.
I started making zines in 1989. First 'Atrocity Exhibition' when I was a sophomore in high school, then a few splits, now with Grrrl Noire running about 10 years.

~Kim Riot


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