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I'd expect a shout of protest to go up among zinesters at the grab for the cultural reins of OWS by the literary elite as per the Occupy Writers petition.


Alternative writers created online petitions a few years ago that not a single literary person would sign. The difference was that the alternative petitions explicitly stated that the dominance of literature by an exploitive, manipulative 1% was a lie about the reality of America and a betrayal of its real art scene and that the undersigned protested this. ...Not a single literary person or wannabe would sign. Today, with a zero-substance petition the Occupy Writers thingy gets hundreds of hotshots to sign.


The 1%er's got the drop on the zinesters this time, but we don't have to let them run away with it. Ya know, their readership and market share has been dropping like a rock, what with the 1%-run bookstore-chains dying off.


(The death of the bookstore-chains seems like maybe a HUGE opportunity for zinesters and 99%-artists! What is life going to be like after the bookstore-chains are gone? Why, look to the zinesters! They never were part of the chain world! Has there been any buzz here at WMZ since Borders died and B&N is fading? Is the time finally right, perhaps, for more zine stores? Big, cumbersome chains killed the indies. Now the chains are dead. Too big to fail, eh? Ha! What's next? Seems like a retail mode that is small, light and nimble might be the next thing. Yeah, Kindle, sure. But there's more to media than a black box.)


Anyway, this Occupy Writers PR coup is great timing for the cultural elites. But I guess it was handed to them on a platter, in a vacuum, right? Were any other writers doing anything? I don't see much buzz about OWS here, either before or after the OW petition.


A few years ago, before the ULA imploded we would've been all over OWS! Like white on rice! The world is looking at the 99%ers!


Is the OW petition open and free? Any WMZ members on the list yet? Any other zinesters? WOULD THEY BE INCLUDED IF THEY SIGNED UP? It says if you want to join, just send in your name, but be patient as names are being added manually by volunteers. Hmmm, not so digital. Rather more old-fashioned -- 1%? -- than WeMakeZines, for instance. Why? Does everyone who signs up get included? Let's hope so! It has a vestigal air of the *slush-pile* about it, though, eh?


My hunch is that zinesters might not like joining such a list. They tend to be either harder-hitting or shy, so shy. The tough nuts will see it as too vague.


So has another petition been set up yet? You know, explicitly listing 99%er issues. Zinesters could do one that listed issues most relevant to them. Whups, no: issues more relevant TO THE PUBLIC. What would they be? It seems like they might go a bit beyond holding bankers accountable. Do any zinesters care about widening the OWS protests to go beyond bankers? Anyone see anything in the protests that they can work with and build on? How?


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