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My zine Fanzine Ynfytyn is named after a Datblygu song. It's pronounced fanzine uhn-vet-in (schwa sound at the beginning like the e in the) and it means Fanzine Idiot. It's about a hideous teenage boy thinking he's Nick Kent II / King Morissey the Second. The lyrics are great if you can understand Welsh. (sorry if you can't)

Here's a video someone's made on you-tube. It sounds a bit slow though, maybe it's one of those songs that sounds faster on vinyl.

If your zine's named after a song, try to find something on youtube or another site that lets us listen to the song it's named after.

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My zine "Exploding the Myth" isn't named after a song exactly, however I came up with the name whilst listening to an old Citizen Fish vinyl of the song "overheard". It includes the lines "....and explodes the myth, that women get on with it and men get pissed.."

The song's all about being a man sat with some other blokes in a pub, who are talking about women in a derogatory fashion, feeling totally awkward, not knowing what to do, but really wanting to say "right, Ive had enough of your sexist shite!" Good song, even better band. Unfortunately its not one of their better-known songs and I cant find a video for it...
a zine i did back in the day (80s) was called 'noise, noise, noise' - after the Damned song. long overdue zine 'funhouse' named after greatest rock album ever Stooges Funhouse... recent cutnpaste zine 'amphetamine wolverine blues' a bastardised name from old blues song wolverine blues... not smart enough to do you tube link :D
Shawn Granton said:
No fancy videos, sorry.
But I named a few of my comix after songs. "Left of the Dial" (2000) and "Treatment Bound" (2002) were both named after Replacements songs. My compilation "Modern Industry" (2000-1) was named after a Fishbone song.

Only semi related, but it wasn't until fairly recently that I learned what Ten Foot Rule meant.

My zine isn't named after a song mainly because when I started it I wasn't all that into music.
It's not really a song, and I haven't finished the zine yet (and I'm not 100% sure I'll call it this), and I'm mostly doing this just to share how awesome this artist is, butttt :

Water Drips Through Stone by Andrea Gibson

My zine about sex and relationships and stuff is named after Placebo's album and song, Sleeping With Ghosts

My distro is named after "False Start" by Bikini Kill, partially because it's a jam, but also because False Start seemed like the perfect name for a distro that I tried to start 4 years ago but totally gave up on.
my zine is called "i still believe (in fire)" and it's named after a song by front porch vs. back porch.

um, but front porch vs. back porch is actually my band, so i hardly think it counts.
my former zine, "you live for the fight when that's all that you've got," is from the sweet-ass bridge lyrics from this fine song:

"slippery when wet" was the second album i ever bought (right after "open up & say...ahhh!" by poison). i was a tiny metalhead until age 12. it's a side effect of my parents having been bikers.
The second issue of my zine is named I'm A Transvestite (a sweet one) because it fits with the subject (in a broad sense), but also because of this song:

Frank's on the cover!

It's a split zine with Social Damage, named after The Unseen's song of the same name:
My zine Here. In My Head. is taken from a Kate Bush song called Cloudbusting:
"Everytime it rains, you're here. In my head."
The song is about psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich, who believed he'd invented a machine that controlled the weather (he believed a lot of crazy stuff and was eventually imprisoned for trying to sell a machine that could cure cancer). The video is amazing too, you really should watch it if you've got the time.


I later found out that there is also a Tori Amos song called Here In My Head. That's another gorgeous song.

My zine A Million Birthdays takes its name from a song by the Parcels called "Measure Me Sky."

and it feels like a million birthdays happening all at once/this has been the best day ever and it isn't even lunch

It's a pretty twee name, but I was also a pretty twee teenager.
My distro is named after lyrics from the song "More For Me" by Tegan and Sara
But the stars kept marching

And my zine "Hop A Plane" is just named after Tegan and Sara's song of the same name. It felt appropriate as I kept flying places to see them play and then wrote 2 zines about it :)



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