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Whenever I come across the use of zines in a TV show or movie or book, I beam. Unfortunately they're almost never actually called zines.

This is meant as an ongoing thread for you to bump any time you come across something.

Gilmore Girls (TV series)
Jess starts his own publishing group and starts making what are essentially poetry and litzines but I think they're just referred to as chapbooks.

The Apprentice Of Duddy Kravitz by Mordecai Richler (novel)
Duddy's friend Virgil starts a zine about epilepsy but it's simply described as being a publication, never a zine.

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Maybe zine should be in the dictionary. Is it? Here is what I found at Dictionary.com

fan⋅zine  [fan-zeen, fan-zeen] Show IPA
a magazine or other periodical produced inexpensively by and for fans of science fiction and fantasy writing, comic books, popular music, or other specialized popular interests.

1945–50; Americanism; fan 2 + (maga)zine
Dictionary.com Unabridged
Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2009.
Oh, Virgil also contributes poetry to a "mimeographed magazine."

It's actually an Ezra Pound poetry fanzine.
There's some references to zines in music every once in awhile...Screeching Weasel, Bikini Kill...but then again they're all also zinesters themselves.
I think you'll find that "chapbook" has a rather specific meaning, especially when it comes to poetry. At least, I'm used to people producing small and inexpensive booklets of poetry and calling them chapbooks. It's probably one of those "if you come from a mostly zine background you'd call it a zine, but if you come from a mostly poetry background you'd call it a chapbook" deals.
Hard Love by Ellen Wittlinger.
The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
In Rocket Power (the old Nickelodeon cartoon), Reggie writes a zine!

I feel like I had a lot of zine references in my youth.. but didn't actually realize it 'til I got a bit older and found out what zines were.
I watched a movie once called 'Slaves to the Underground' which is about punk bands/riot grrrl and zines and was a fictitious story - not a great film from what I can remember!
In the film "Conspiracy Theory", Mel Gibson published a zine that had a readership of one. Of course it was the person who wanted to track him, but it was funny to see zinedom featured in such a big movie... that pretty much flopped.
Hard Love by Ellen Wittleger
There was a late-season episode of the Simpsons where Lisa starts a zine (calls it a newspaper, but really, it's a zine) as a response to Mr. Burns buying the newspaper. A bunch of other Springfieldians start zines too. Bart also drew a self-produced comic in another episode.

Now I want to see "American Zombie."
Novel - The Taqwacores by Michael Muhammad Knight
There was a show here in Canada about eight years ago that was all about a young woman who made a zine every episode.
would that be "our hero"? I've never seen it, but I goggled it, and it sounds good. mostly just because it's so zine focused.

Dan said:
There was a show here in Canada about eight years ago that was all about a young woman who made a zine every episode.

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