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is anyone here on Goodreads? (or similar sites like LibraryThing?)

here's mine: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/5789830-tim

I'm also curious what people's opinion is on listing zines on these types of sites. I was having this discussion with my girlfriend and she felt very strongly that zines shouldn't be on Goodreads. but I completely disagree! my feeling is that if there are zines in libraries, there can be zines on a site like Goodreads. plus, I'm a little obsessive, and I love having a database of everything I've read, when I read it, and what I thought of it. since some of the things I read are zines (and I don't think of them all that differently from books while I'm reading them), I'd really like to include those.

I've seen a few zines listed on the site -- old issues of Cometbus, for instance, and more book-length zines like Xtra Tuf (or simply book-like [i.e. perfect bound] zines like Applicant), but also some popular informational zines/pamphlets like this or slightly more obscure stuff presumably added by the creator like this (a friend of mine also adds each annually-published issue of his print on demand photo zine to the database). it seems for the most part though that the community there isn't familiar with what a zine is at all. doing some searching, all I really found was one dead, two member group and a discussion topic with most responses by people who had never heard of zines or had heard of them but never seen one.

it also seems like the current site policy is "no magazines, literary journals, or single issue comics" and zines are kind of lumped into that category by default. thankfully the enforcement of that rule has been fairly lax from what I can see. the fact that there's no alternative database where zines can be listed (there's zinewiki, but it lacks the community/discussion/rating aspect, and I recently found a site called Magpile, but it's small and doesn't seem very zine-friendly) and that a lot of zines already have some great discussion surrounding them on that site makes me think it would be a real shame were they to be removed from the site.

what do you think are the upsides or downsides of including zines on Goodreads (or LibraryThing or whatever)? do you think there are certain criteria for whether something should be included or not? (length? binding? publication run? stand-alone vs periodical? ISBN number?) is anyone here a Goodreads librarian (I am!) or author, and if so, have you ever added zines to the database, either ones you've made or ones you've read? if you have, what's the response been, from regular users or "librarians"? has there been any controversy over whether it belongs on the site?

for more info about the debate on Goodreads...

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