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Hi, I hope this is the right place to put a question like this. I don't check this site often and, consequently, I am still trying to get the hang of it!

Anyway, lately I've been really fascinated by the idea of hopping freight trains, and have just been looking for zines about the subject. Or even just about trains in general. So far I've come across the zine Railroad Semantics, which looks cool. I was just wondering if anyone knew of more zines about the topic, and could offer some recommendations.



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I dont know how to get it any more, but in Chicago there was a kid named Joey Alone who did a zine called "Loitering is Good."  He often talked about train-hopping.  There are a decent amount of zines out there on the topic, but i don't know any current ones.

Sojourner : critical reflections on travel. http://clio.cul.columbia.edu:7018/vwebv/holdingsInfo?bibId=6465204

It looks like it's available from a few distros.

Thanks Jenna and Billy! I'll check 'em out. ((:

Not 100% about train hopping but the author was part of a crew for awhile and demonstrates an intimate knowledge of the yards of the Oakland area. I highly, highly suggest picking up Raw Deal if you can find it. Really solid work.

Our zine will be released in several days if you're interested. Its about the underground art scene on the freights.


Joey lives in Oakland now, and I'm not sure if he makes a zine anymore.  Enola D mentions train hopping in certain issues of her perzine No Gods No Mattress.

It's not train specific, more like about travelling, but I recommend All My Best Work I Do at A Slanted Angle.

Perspective-wise, it's a traveler perzine that addresses issues around traveling whilst female-assigned and genderqueer. So there's a different perspective there.

I have a bizarre little zine, I think from Bloomington IN, which is about two crusty old men who board a freight train and have nasty gay sex. It's called "Boxcar Debauchery."


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