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Where do you usually send your zines to get them reviewed? There's Zine World, and I've heard that F5 is gone...

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Record Collector magazine's started covering music zines again, they've got a whole page in the current issue 

It's more brief content summaries/descriptions with a cover photo & weblink/email than reviews now but still good to see them back in the mag (thought they'd given up on zines completely&/or weren't getting sent any- they haven't had a zine column for ages and the last one was only a small side bar)

They used to do fun (& slightly tongue in cheek/snide towards the more really obsessed fannish stuff or offical fanclub things they didn't like) reviews but that was a long time ago now (longer than It seems eek)

From the mag "FANZINE*Reviews  Please send your fanzines to RC, tim.jones@metropolis.co.uk "

address from the magazine is:

Record Collector

Room 101, The Perfume Factory

140 Wales Farm Road,

London W3 6UG

[ ENGLAND or UK or GB or whatever ]



FYI: Zine World has a new address:

PO Box 3556
Portland OR 97208

We review British zines on http://spillthezines.blogspot.com!

Palabra Y Sonido is a review blog that is one time a week update,if you are interesting in get your stuff there please send me an email to : recontrapunk@hotmail.com.

When i get your stuff you will get also a zine of mine as trade :)

here the blog address : http://www.palabraysonido.blogspot.com

offhand i can think of:



http://profaneexistence.org/contact-us/ [the zine may have to be hella punk for this one, but i'm not 100% sure.]

these three are magazines in print, but i am giving you their websites so you can get the info you need to send them your zine by mail.

If anyone wants their zine reviewed in resume of charm, and also included in the Red and Black Collection, feel free to e-mail me or send your zine to

 Danielle Warhola
C/O Red and Black Cafe
400 Se 12th
Portland OR 97214


www.resumeofcharm.blogspot.com and i'm doing a folded minizine hopefully every month of reviews. <3


Here is a new review blog that has just launched and is eager for new projects. It is called "The Zine-iac Review Blog" and the owner (Me), promises an honest, constructive approach to your special masterpiece that you've created. FREE!

Contact ME "The Zine-iac here, or by email at (diy-publishing@att.net)



Always available to help a fellow zinester.



Unless you already have an "in"- like someone to give you a boost that likes your zine-a lot of people who say they review zines don't.Its a way to get free zines.They mostly review thier friends zines.Zine reviews are a scam.

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