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Where do you usually send your zines to get them reviewed? There's Zine World, and I've heard that F5 is gone...

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I have a blog where I review zines and minicomics too! (I'm sure everyone does though...)


There's a new zine or minicomic review every day.
The FreeRent Community desires to take zine reviews to the next level.

We review zines and creative women's empowerment art and we have been listed in Zine World review section for the last two years now found here: http://www.undergroundpress.org/zine-resources/other-zine-review-zi...

We just redid our entire website www.FreeRentCommunity.org

Our last review of a zine was posted to our podcast, blog and twitter just two days ago and we are hoping to review a lot more.

We are always looking for women’s empowerment zines to review and we review women's empowerment zines, music, art, short Do-It-Yourself DVD videos and most short creative and short artistic material and items which are directly, indirectly or barely related to love and/or feminism and/or especially about women creating a better world with or without direct action and/or Civil Disobedience.

We will promote your material by our blog, podcast, online radio (over five years strong), DIY Film Series (over two years strong), and much much more. We also promote zine reviews on our Twitter account @lovepeaceandjoy with over 3,000 followers. If you follow our twitter account we will follow you back. Our twitter account currently is #199 on the ‘Most Followed’ list out of over 3,900 twitter accounts listed in the ‘women’ category of the We follow International Twitter Directory and we are currently #145 on the ‘Most Influential’ list in the directory’s women category. We also have over 20 twitter list following our twitter posts.

Let us use our influence to help promote your women's empowerment zines and creative work for a better world!

Thanks everyone,
keep working for a better world,
Love for all,

send them to me, i'll video review them!

PO Box 470507
Chicago, IL 60647-0507
We are currently accepting zines for the Summer issue of Zine World!
Since WMZ won't host videos after the new Ning format takes effect, I've started a Tumblr for my zine reviews. http://ireadzines.tumblr.com

I accept submissions! Information on the site.
we're conducting a survey about our new website. if you have a moment, please take the survey it would be much appreciated! thanks, the editors of broken pencil: the magazine of zine culture and the independent arts
I review zines at sddzine.blogspot.com

...and I really dig trading
i do zine reviews for last hours.org.uk. rather sporadically. but if i were to actually be sent stuff id review it quicker than my current review what i buy method. message me for current address!
As noted in another thread, I just launched a zine/indie comic blog where i (among other things) review zines. you can check out the blog here: http://www.overglued.com/ and send all zines for review to:
Overglued reviews
c/o Derek Neuland
6435 B NE Going St.
Portland,OR 97218
I have an art blog I'm getting back into the swing of and I've started doing zine reviews at least once a week http://manduh.jasonspadaro.com

I also really like trades. And I like interviewing different kinds of artists. :)
My zine is always get reviewed by my trade friend's............


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