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What's your zine called? Where did the name come from?

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i call mine 'freckledgecko' .. the name just came to me, i like the way it flows off the tongue.. choppy syllables.. and i just love geckos..
I have only two at the moment, FILM GEEK and THE TUMULTUOUS TIMES. F.G. started in '98 and the last issue came out in 03, but I've been working on a new issue the last six years. T.T.T. is waiting for the first issue to get published, just as soon as I'm well enough to start doing things again.

I got the name for "Film Geek" back in the '80s because I was known as the one to go to locally to find the weirdest stuff you could find on early video back then (usually my personal collection). As for "The Tumultuous Times", I came up with the name one night just writing for a new unnamed zine I wanted to do about my life.

There have been times I've gone years without publishing what I write, but eventually I get around to it. Sometimes it works out better because I rarely edit stuff I publish even if it's years old.
Sprak! was a sound effect a friend and i made up in our younger years after reading the old DC comic"Plop" which always ended each story with a PLOP. we did our own little comics and skits and Sprak was our sound. Years later when i started doing a zine about b-grade movies and horror flicks it seemed like the perfect description of those brain splattering moments :)

new zine amphetamine wolverine blues is an amalgam of old blues song wolverine blues and a phrase Ed Sanders used to describe someone - an amphetamine wolverine. was such a great phrase i put it aside to use somewhere.
pulse, because i say my zine is about life and everyone has a pulse.
Rebel Grrl Zine - because I'm a rebel grrl!

50:50 zine - because there are two lots of 50 things, which are opposites.

Change the World in 7 Days - because that's what it's about!!
my zine is called Cheaptoys. the name come from the introduction of No Quarter #1, wich use to be a zine about piracy, and now reach all of radical history topics. this introducton is made like a little essay about the meaning of piracy in the pop culture's and its avatar : movies, novels, cheaptoys. it sounded to me like a good name for a zine.
mine is called cocoa/puss because i'm black and have a chocolate puss. lol. but my issues have names too "slutty mcslut face" "sperm is not a protein" and soon "hoes and heartbreak" and those are just taken right from pages of my zine so people know what they're getting.

my other zine that i don't work on really is called "the black (m)other" because when i used to go mommy groups people had a hard time even thinking about me as a mom because i was young and also black and they just assumed i was just some fucked up teenage mom. i wanted to create a voice for myself and talk about being young and black and a mother. plus all the other parenting magazines didn't really have anything i could relate to in them.
I currently write under Bibliophiliac Zines, but each one in this series has its own name. DREGS HELL is a play on the word Drexel, referring to how attending grad school at Drexel University made me feel like I was floundering in the dregs of hell. PHILADELPHIA FREEDOM is from the title and lyrics of a song which kinda/sorta describes my LOVE/HATE relationship with living in Philly.
I decided to name mine Dreams of Donuts, since it was literally the first thing that came to my mind, and I didn't want to spend a bunch of time fretting over what to call it.
Squidling is Dancer...Because my friend and I are OBSESSED with The Killers, and we always used to say that we were dancer, other than human, I guess, lol. I used to go by Squid/Squiditha/Squidling a lot, not so much anymore. Anyhow, that's how it got it's name.
I feel really unimaginative now! After all these names. Mine are seeming just a bit too functional :-S
I make two, one called Beautiful Mess and the other called Sleeps With Ghosts. Also, previous zine names include Graceful Suicide and Portrait of a Fallen Star.

I tend to gravitate towards contrasts or opposites, especially when naming things, because I find myself going that way in life. BM is an attempt to make sense out of and find beauty in the mess of living, and to try to appreciate it for what it is, etc.
Sleeps With Ghosts is based on the Placebo song, SleepING With Ghosts, and it has all sorts of different meanings for me, but basically that zine is more about sex and relationships and body stuff and the imagery of SWG works really well for my life experience in that arena.



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