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What's your zine called? Where did the name come from?

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Imitates Art. Alot of people say that life imitates art, or that art imitates life, but I think the truth is a little more complex than that, so I called the zine "Imitates Art" because, well, alot of things imitate art and vice versa.
Evil Flower. When I was a freshman I used to draw Evil Flowers on my notebooks because I was obsessed with not being sweet and I didn't want my doodles to be cute. I thought Evil Flowers were "edgy." Ha! But I still sometimes draw them and the phrase sounds good in my head so I keep it.

Apple9 is the name of my newest ADHD zine. It comes from the auditory test that they give you to find out of you have ADHD - they give you words and numbers out of order and you sort the words first and the numbers last, for example, cat, 9, oatmeal, rabbit. It'd be cat oatmeal rabbit 9. 

I named my minicomic Delirium because I wanted a name that would reflect both the strange visuals that appear in the art and also my own state of mind as I was working on it. I also chose Delirium because I felt it helped set a tone for the type of material I wanted to showcase without being so specific that certain stories and art just wouldn't work.

I was originally going to call it Delirium Comix but I felt the "comix" part was a bit redundant.  I mean, once you're holding it I think it's pretty evident that it's a comic book.

My zine, Fergus, was named after the pet duck at I had in the late 1990s. The first dozen issues, back in the day, had drawings of Fergus (the duck) on the cover. I can't do that anymore since Fergus is no longer around for me to draw, so these days I just include some sort of duck image somewhere on the cover. The actual content of the zine is only rarely duck-related. I don't really know what the content is, I just write shit ... sometimes observational, sometimes personal, like a letter I suppose.

I've just begun working on one, called Real Fun, which is an anagram for "funeral". It will be cartoons and writings about my experiences of being a multiracial girl working in funeral service.

My zine is called The Itinerant Postcard. It comes from an Edward Gorey postcard illustration of people scrambling after a flying postcard with wings, which I used for the front cover of my first issue.

Rochester TeenSet Outsider is the name of my zine and it get's it's name from....

The Outsider part is a parody of the local mainstream paper 'the insider' that featured pictures of drunks at festivals.....the teenset part is a homage to 60's culutre

The name of my zine, OBSOLETE! comes from an old Twilight Zone Episode from the 60's, about a librarian in the "future", when books are banned....


One-Girl Bicycle Gang: I have this romantic notion of an all-girl bicycle gang, but since I don't have any friends in the area to ride bikes with, I'm just a one-girl gang for now, hence the name of my zine!

My current zine is called Meat Plough as most poetry zines have really boring names so I chose that one I think its a song by someone.

My zine is called Real Madness Comic's.I can't figure out why.It just came to me in a dream.Or maybe I saw it as graffiti somewhere.It could have been a band name-I'm not sure.Oh,by the way,it's all comic's,and I draw it.


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