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What's your zine called? Where did the name come from?

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both great names. I wrote to say Specs Akimbo is better but actually Bite your lip has this great graphic quality and easy easy to get some great visuals for the front cover.

I especially like the way it hints it contains unspeakable things. Go for Bite Your Lip.

ray k said:
My first real zine was called Grate Apes, probably because Will Self's Great Apes was about the only novel I'd read by this point.

City Sacker got its name from apassage in On The Nature of The Universe by Lucretius (De Rerum Natura). I appreciate this may sound incredibly pretentious but it is nevertheless true. It's from a passage about superstition vs science. Originally this zine was poems and drawings back in 2001. I resurected the name last year because I couldn't think of anything else. At least there's no bloody poetry in it nowdays (and few drawings).

Optical Devices is my little RANT zine. I took the name from the song "Black hair and glasses brigade" by MJ Hibbett and the Validators for no reason other than I liked the sound of it.

My new *proper* zine which would be fnished soon if I could afford to print it doesn't have a name for definite yet. I've been thinking either Bite Your Lip or Specs Akimbo. Any of thoughts on this quandry will be greatly received :-)
My new zine is called NOWHERE 2 BE FOUND because it focuses on views, community, & opions no often found in the gay community, but most of the people who have submitted their talents for the zine are queer & active in their communities.
My per-zine is called 'Girl Photographer' - a direct translation of the Japanese photography scene 'onnanoko shashinka' where young girls documented their lives, from the mundane to the sexual, with throw away cameras.

The zine I just started with my boyfriend about our town, Newport, is called 'Buys You Chips and Shags You Don' I?' after an amazing argument overheard in a chip shop!
Yeuk Zine. Haven't released it yet comes out this Saturday. Yeuk means itchy. Thats what our zine is about. Take drugs your itchy, drink bad wine your itchy, don't wash up your itchy, so on.. Its all about having fun! Glad to find this website and hello to all!
My first zine was called "Kidz newz" which... kinda shows how long I've been doing this, aha.

Currently, I'm working on one called "Ordinary." It's actually supposed to refer to Penny Farthings, but I've also been feeling kinda ordinary lately.
My first zine is called I'm A Terrorist, in it I relate the fact that the parents of one of my best friends do think I'm a terrorist. And so, I'm trying to use my friend to do "the bad stuff" so as not to be imprisoned myself. That's a part of what they think, really!
My next zine will be called I'm A transvestite, nothing to do with me -that's what they all say, heh- I'll change the name each issue, each time I change subject, keeping the "I'm A" part.
My sister and I are currently working on a zine called "Pinky Promises."

We chose that name because we wanted something that represented us and we've always used pinky promises. Whenever she's old enough we're going to get hearts tattoo'd on our pinky fingers. My solo zine is going to be called "Holy Guacamole" just because I use that phrase a lot and I like it, haha.
Thanks for the input. I think so far 2 out of 2 people have gone for Bite yr Lip, which was my original idea. Looks like I shoulda just got on with it from the start :-D

Dickon said:
both great names. I wrote to say Specs Akimbo is better but actually Bite your lip has this great graphic quality and easy easy to get some great visuals for the front cover.

I especially like the way it hints it contains unspeakable things. Go for Bite Your Lip.

This is my first post - a good general question to answer.

I have two current titles - Eclectic Domestic and Bohemian Housewife. There have been two issues of these titles, and the last issues were published in a back-to-back format...that was fun. The titles come from my trying to integrate my stay-at-home-homeschooling-mother role with my creative artist side.

The previous title was Stand Your Ground, which pretty much chronicled my years as a freaked-out conspiracy theorist, and then my shift towards libertarian/voluntaryist thought, with a little bit about becoming a Christian out of a Christian-hating Jewish background. The title was basically about standing up against the Big State.

My first title was called Back to the Garden, which came from Joni Mitchell's song Woodstock.
I've done different zines (& am currently working on two right now) here are the names I have used:
Rebel In Magenta I came up with this title when I was 16. I combined "Rebel Rebel" by David Bowie & Magenta from Rocky Horror Picture Show. Two of my favorite things back then (1995-ish)
What Comes Around Goes Around taken from a line of "Round & Round" by Ratt! haha
I Want My Baby it was about my miscarriage, so it was wanting something I lost
Hanna's Pink Pajamas my 24 hour zine & i wanted to call it something different. My daughter was standing there in front of me in her pink pj's (and yes, her name is Hanna)
Dirty July because a lot of dirty things happen in july
Reading this list of titles has made me want to do a lot of zine ordering/trading. I need to get some printing done though, and catch up with some post before committing myself to any trades.

Fanzine Ynfytyn- means "fanzine idiot/idiot fanzine" in Welsh- it's named after the Datblygu song (80s welsh post-punk band- amazing) about a hideous teenage boy wanking away at his awful zine about manchester bands thinking he's Nick Kent II/ King Morrissey the Second
Imaginary Uncles- does what it says on the tin
Egeszsegedre!- about when I studied in Budapest, it's Hungarian for cheers
Being Editors- zine about children's lit/film. It's named after the chapter of the Story of the Treasure Seekers where the Bastables start a (extremely funny) proto-zine in another ill-fated money making scheme
Pobble Eh Come- highly mangled version of the soap opera Pobl y Cwm, which is a fun word to say- the zine is nonsense collages finely crafted from Enid Blyton books, medical magazines and AA Gill's restaurant reviews
Those are some hot-ass names, y'all!

The East Village Inky references the neighborhood where I was living when I started the zine, and my daughter India, nicknamed Inky, who was why I started it (to keep from going crazy, creatively). It's intentional that it sounds like The East Village Other, an underground paper that had quit publishing long before I started the zine.



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