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What's your zine called? Where did the name come from?

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It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
It was originally going to contain stories from my life, and that phrase would be pretty much fitting for everything I've ever done.
'Electric Island' is named after a place we were not allowed to explore as young kids because a) it was a traffic island and b) there was a high-voltage generator built on it
i used to make a zine called flying w/ broken wings and when i started feeling older and less angsty i changed the name to regeneration. the definition of regenerate is: (1) to produce or form anew; reestablish; recreate. (2) having new life; restored. it seemed fitting.
ray k said:
miss tukru obscene said: oh yes! that's why i try to look so bad, and its actually my pretty face.. that's one of my favourite songs, i might have had that subconciously in my mind, cos i'm actually not THAT in love on the stooges song, i mostly just really like the name.

Is it? I lose Comet Gain points :-(

well, according to googling :S i was too lazy to go find the headphones and crawl under the table to plug them in so i didn't actually listen to it, so i/internets might be wrong.
My latest, 'A Child's Garden of Hearses' - it was a book of poems and I wanted a catchy title that got a feel of the poems within (ie, comic). So I settled on a pun on RS Stevenson's famous book of children's poems. (S J Perelman had already written a book called 'A Child's Garden of Curses', so that one was out.)

Have also published:

'Waiter, would you please femme my fatale?' Can't remember where I got that from. I'd been reading a lot of Perelman at the time, though, who specialises in such elaborate puns.

'The Madman in the Garden' - another book of poems, including a longish narrative poem with that title.

'The Coburg Sock Monthly' - I just needed a title for a random zine I was putting together. Hadn't put too much thought into it, but the socks helped to give it a theme. In the end, I think, maybe it was the right title for the wrong zine.

That's it, I think.
My zine is called Pillow Talk from the line in the Bratmobile song No You Don't:

You want to pillow talk, but you don't.
You just walk away.
And you don't need it like I do, of course you don't.
I'm talking into my pillow and you're not really there.
Just waiting for the fuck, waiting, wanting for the fuck.
And you don't need it, you just want it, you don't need it like I need it.
Like I think I need it.

It's an awesome song, but mainly because I love pillow talk, I find that I when I'm laying in bed with my boyfriend it's when I can really open up and talk about how I feel. And in bed propped up by a pile of pillows is where I do most of my writing.
Mine is called 1k because I have a goal of writing one thousand words about a single topic in each zine.
Sorry for my ignorance, but what is a cuddle puddle?

Mo Karnage said:
My Zine is Cuddle Puddles and Hot Pants- because cuddle puddles and hot pants are 2 of my favorite things. Also, my zine is often pretty political, so I thought it was nice to balance out the seriousness with a bit of sillyness. Reflects my personality, both serious and silly.
i am very fond of that movie.

Amber / Culture Slut said:
I love pillow talk, too. Also, there's a really excellent Doris Day / Rock Hudson movie called Pillow Talk, you should check it out sometime!

1k said:
Mine is called 1k because I have a goal of writing one thousand words about a single topic in each zine.
how man words in a

1 M.............meter
1 CM............centimeter

i know it's 2.54 cm. to an inch..............but that's

not enough wor....


1k said:
Mine is called 1k because I have a goal of writing one thousand words about a single topic in each zine.
I'm pretty sure a cuddle puddle is kind of like a dog pile when your rough housing, except with cuddling. I'm not 100% sure though.


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