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What's your zine called? Where did the name come from?

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Musea, it's a zine on the arts, so its based on the 9 Muses.
I think I'm going to call mine Lone Sock Digest, just for fun.
My pinball zine is titled Skill Shot because that is a feature on many of the newer pinball machines. It's also based on some of the earlier pinball zines like Multi-Ball and Drop Target. Plus it's a catchy phrase.

Chicken With Penis first started out as a series of flyers. I wanted something that would catch peoples attention as they were walking down the street (it worked). So the name came first and inspired the comics (zine).

Dreamy Vs Sucks began as a working title for a comic/joke for the Chicken With Penis but took on a life of its own and became a one-shot zine. Now we are working on another issue but this one is going to be titled Amazing Vs Asshole, so now the zine name is Vs since we have other issues planned after this one.
My old zine was "10 Things Jesus Wants You To Know." The night my friends and I were planning out our zine and picking a name, I went and bought beers. Some Jesus freak handed me a pamphlet on the street entitled "4 Things Jesus Wants You To Know." We liked to make fun of religion a lot, so we decided to poke fun at the pamphlet by making a zine with a similar title. But 4 Things just didn't sound cool enough, so I decided 10 Things worked better. Totally stupid way to name a zine, but it stuck and years and years later everyone still calls me Dan 10 Things.

PS to Gordon Gordon - Skill Shot is my favorite local Seattle zine right now!
my zine is named "high on burning photographs" because of a strange day i had when i was 20. a good-friend-at-the-time wanted to burn all the remnants of her past & invited me along. we set fire to all these polaroids & then i went to work all woozy from the fumes. very dramatic & poignant at the time.
"so when you go solo you hold your own hand, and remember that depth is the greatest of heights..."I looooove that poem. :)

kelley said:
the greatest of heights
which is a line from a poem by fiona apple. it's actually the title of her second LP. i just think the poem is beautiful, and that line really stands out to me. google it if you've never read it.
My zine is called Here. In My Head. It's a lyric from a Kate Bush song:
"Everytime it rains, you're here. In my head."

It's also the title of a Tori Amos song, but I know she's a big Kate Bush fan, so she may have had the title from the same place.

I did really like the title when I first started but I'm not sure if it's too long-winded; I've been thinking of changing it. Hmm.
My main zine is "the Uft", taken from a local band in college made up of art school students. I've always liked the name. I did a couple called "craptastic" and a couple music based ones called "Mister Microphone" subtitled "hey babe, we'll be back to pick u up later!"
I"m also considering "Sub*Urban Dad" because I'm a suburban stay-at-home dad. It may be an envy zine of all the things I can't do because I live in the suburbs and everything cool is in the city.
My latest zine is called "letters to wassily" even though it doesn't contain any actual letters to Wassily (Kandinsky). I named it such because I have a tendency to write letters to dead artists, writers, musicians that I respect, admire, love. And this zine is about my loves, my past and I just thought it fit.

My previous zines were: "tragikotatos" (meaning: "most tragic"), which was one entry from my paper journals # 1 - 30. It's a sort of tongue-in-cheek title, both because when I was writing the original entries (over a course of about 8 years), I felt as though I were the most tragic person ever born, and because, upon compiling them, I realised my life really hasn't been that tragic at all. "paingiver" (which comes from an Anne Carson book), which was my zine about poetry - what is poetry, how can I define it, why do I want to define it, what is my relationship to it, and with that in mind, I guess the title becomes pretty obvious. Lastly, "neverie" and "another neverie" which were tiny, tiny haiku zines about all of my neveries (or memories of things that never actually happened).

a long, long time ago (2000) I wrote "pomegranate." (This was before pomegranates became the popular wonderfruit of two or three years ago.) I named it after Tori Amos' song "Pandora's Aquarium" in which she sings "I'm not Persephone" and I just really liked that song.
I have a feminist zine called Dissension, named so because it's focus is largely political. Kind of self explanatory.

I'm also working on the first issue of a new perzine now called Reclusive Obscenities. This one will cover my personal experiences, living with GAD, and being a geek gurrl. It's named because the anxiety combined with being an introvert have turned me into somewhat of a recluse.
gut feeling.
its an amazing devo song.
you've got a friend in pennsylvania was the slogan of PA liscense plates between 1984 and 1987, when i was born.

hoax was derivative of an essay by the amazing feminist philopher and writer donna haraway, who said the word was "an invitation to find the flaw in an apparent natural truth". as the co-editor and i saw it, feminism is essentially challenging 'natural truths' about gender, sex, race, sexuality and just about everything else.



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