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This might seem kind of random, but do you think it is better to have a zine that starts with the letter "A"? I mean, when I'm reading reviews, I don't usually read them all. Just the first few and the last few. Am I weird this way, or is this true?

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I'm sorry.
Yeah. I'm in a bad mood kind of a lot.

Zines are good at expression. That's one of the nice things about them; you could never get that stuff in a magazine.
I think you do yourself a disservice to only read review from the beginning. Unfortunately, I don't think you are alone. When I worked at distro we saw a very much larger percentage of zines at the beginning of the alphabet being sold compared to those later in the alphabet.
the alphabet issue is less of a problem when the zines are divided up by letter. it's easier for me to navigate distro sites that are split into, like, A-D, E-J, K-O, etc, than when it's just page after page of reviews that, yes, may be in alphabetical order, but if i am looking for a certain zines, i have to keep scrolling.

when i am reading reviews on paper, i just skim until something in a title or description catches my eye. i definitely think just reading the first few or the last few descriptions in a zine review zine or distro catalogue is going to cause you to miss some awesome stuff.


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