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This might seem kind of random, but do you think it is better to have a zine that starts with the letter "A"? I mean, when I'm reading reviews, I don't usually read them all. Just the first few and the last few. Am I weird this way, or is this true?

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yeah it is.
Well if anyone wants to distribute flyers for my zine let me know. Be forewarned, my zine starts with a G.
*gasp!* lol. Mine's going to start with an I, but the edition will start with a W, so I can't really argue with that. (It's going to be Warning: Life Is Stranger Than It Appears.)
No letters are the right ones and no ideas are over the top.
Too true.
Er, a chance occurence and a coincidence are the same thing, Violet
i gotta agree it's a kind of silly concern. worry about making a bomb ass zine instead of whether or not people will read the review based on its alphabetical listing. even if the zine starts with "aa" it could still be not so good and get a poor review and then it wouldn't really matter that it was at the top of the list, now would it? ;)

(and yes i understand you weren't really considering doing that. it's an interesting thought, that's for sure. i've never really worried about reviews though i never really submit mine anywhere FOR review in the first place. i think ISO 1600 is a good name, so you should stick with it!)
I think of all the possible options for naming your zine, which letter of the alphabet it starts with is probably a very minor concern. If it happens that it starts with an A, you might find yourself earlier on in review listings, but even that can't be relied upon.
There is a flyer trade thread around.

Bethany said:
Well if anyone wants to distribute flyers for my zine let me know. Be forewarned, my zine starts with a G.
I'm doing a zine for the same reason everyone else does a zine. I don't think anyone will be particularly interested in it, but what the heck, you know? It's just nice to have people read it.

Oh ok. TRIGGER does look like a 'macho type' name, tho : D
Lol. There are probably places you can still do t hat.


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