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Do you have any Zine Making Regrets? Things you would have done differently or not at all? Feel like sharing?

Here's mine:

#1: Not keeping the same "regular" title and sequential numbering throughout my entire publishing run. Now, I'm not talking about the name change I did in 2005 from LOW HUG to SYNDICATE PRODUCT. Instead, I wish that I had not done stand-alone "one shot" zines, instead making them all issues of the same main title. Instead of the one-shot LAUNDRY BASKET, it would have been LOW HUG #8: LAUNDRY BASKET - TALES OF WASHDAY WOE. It would have made things easier for archival purposes, and also may have made it easier to find my zines.

This is why I didn't do a "Time Enough at Last" separate reading log this year, but instead made it SYNDICATE PRODUCT 14: SYNDICATE CONSUMPTION. I guess it's a combination of the need to be hyper-organized and working in academic publishing too long that made me really wish I had done sequential numbering from the very beginning. Oh well.

#2: Not keeping every zine-related note or letter people have sent me. I have a good chunk of them, but not ALL of them.

#3: Similarly, not keeping a master list of every person I've sent/traded a zine with. Not for any other reason than to see how many states/countries I've sent mail to. Again, I have some lists, but not a complete record.

#4: I regret some of the zine donations I've made over the years because I don't think they actually made it into planned zine libraries. Who knows what happened to them - hopefully they did get distributed to people who wanted to read zines, not just tossed in the trash.

That's about it so far. Oh, should probably add as a regret original print run of Time Enough At Last 2007, which somehow turned out manga style (read back to front). That was a waste of money....

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You should write a zine about that. XD
bobby madness said:

I probably regret making every zine I've ever made.If I spent the time I wasted in Kinko's doing something more enlightening,like taking a refrigerator repairing course at Community College,I'd be better as a person.I would make a list of my regret's,in order of regretfulness,with color cover's being the first and band interview's being the last,but my computer would overheat and blow up.



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