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I'm working on a short thesis on Zine libraries. If someone have statistics or whatever on the subject, it would be great. The departure point of my work is the study day that took place in Poitiers in 2009 around "the place of zine and zine libraries in the world" (for the 20th birthday of the "Fanzinothèque").

There's a lot of informations about "Anglo-Saxon" zine libraries. What about eastern european countries. Is there some catalogues that list those libraries ? (Russia, Belarussia, Ukrainia,...), like the list on Zine world web site for instance.

Thanks a lot

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I would contact zine libraries with specific requests for information. I don't really understand what information you're looking for when you say "statistics or whatever". If you go to any of the libraries homepages you'll find it pretty easy to contact librarians directly. I think this'll improve your search. I have a list of Zine libraries I've been in contact with thus far at www.lvzinelibrary.blogspot.com and my email is lvzinelibrary@gmx.com if you have specific questions for me to answer. I'm sure anyone you contact would love to help. :)

Peace Love and Zines!


Hello Florianov,

I participated in the International Meeting in Poitiers in 2009. Here are some zine libraries information that might interest you:


You can always check the issue of the Pez Zine that inspired the Poitiers Meeting here (I don't know if all the zine libraries are in your list; but I think so) http://www.monmagan.com/fanzinepez/3/


In Eastern Europe; there's http://www.diy-zine.com (I don't know if they have a phisical place to show their extensive zine archive). And in Greece, there's http://www.fanzines.gr/ but again I don't know if you can visit it in person.


In Poland there's Bildwechsel Warsawa, apparently some kind of zine and cinema archive http://bildwechselwarszawa.wordpress.com/


In Japan, places like the infoshop called Irregular Rythm Asylum http://irregular.sanpal.co.jp/ and the vegan restaurant Nagi Shokudo http://nagi-shokudo.jugem.jp/ host some zines for the public.


In Italy, after working for many years as an online catalogue called Bastian Contrario (in your list), directed by Gianlucca Umiliacci, la Fanzinoteca d'Italia finally has a physical exhibition place. http://www.fanzinoteca.it/


In France, the famous Paris' infoshop called Le Kiosk has recently moved to a squat house called La miroiterie; but I haven't contacted them yet to know where their zine archive is right now... http://www.babooska.org/lekiosk/


In Ecuador (southern America), La fanzinoteca de Guayaquil is a new zine library that proposes lots of activities http://fanzinoteka.blogspot.com/


As well as la Fanzinoteca Mutaçao, a new physical zine library out there in Brazil http://fanzinotecamutacao.blogspot.com/


And that's all I can think about right now; zine libraries are still sprouting out there!




Thanks a lot Teknad for all these links, and sorry for late answer...

I'll try to inform you about how my paper on zine librairies is going on.

All the best


You welcome. You can always send me a message through WeMakeZines.





Florianov said:

Thanks a lot Teknad for all these links, and sorry for late answer...

I'll try to inform you about how my paper on zine librairies is going on.

All the best




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