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Zine event organizers unconference (we really need a better name for this)

There seemed to be a lot of zine fest organizers at the Portland Zine Symposium this year and some of us go to talking. We all all have a lot of information to share with each other so why not have our own fest/unconference/convention? There is a possibility that this might happy around the Chicago Zine Fest. I have two questions:
1. Who would be interested in such an event?

2. What sorts of things would you like to see discussed at this event?

Some things I have kicking around my head:
How each event got started
Finding a place
organizational structures
advertising (in your town and outside of it)

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saw the related post on fcbk - i think this is a good idea, i'd like to see this in Chicago and i'd like to possible help out in some capacity... but i must say that I do think that zine fests in general need to be somewhat restructured // or somehow we need to challange the status quo. There is a good article in Lumpen 115 - which is the newest issue (its a dispatch from the Crimethinc folk, and its converged with some of the things i've already been thinking of... (maybe check it out and use it as a reference
You know i'm interested Alex! I can't really think of a better name. Should we think of a clever acronym? ZOG: Zine Organizers Gathering?

As far as topics:
-We should talk about pooling resources to help each other (i.e. promoting other zine fests in your town, lending a hand to other zine fest organizers, etc...).
-workshops (do's and don'ts)
-tabling (pricing, criteria, etc..)
very interested in participating/attending, yep. also in favour of it taking place in/around the same time as the chicago zine fest 2011.
I am definitely into this idea as long as the Chicago Zine Fest doesn't overlap with the 2 races i run in the spring. :)

After the Richmond Zine Fest today, I am so excited to figure more out about what works for zine fest planning. We had our best year by far today.
we've already been talking about how to work with this at the chicago zine fest meetings. if this happens, just let us know what you would need in terms of help!
milo and i love this idea and will attend :)
I haven't organized a zine fest, but I'd be interested in going to that, particularly if it was in Chicago.

I'd be interested in talking about the relationships between building a good annual fest and building a good year-long scene.

Dan C said:
I'd be interested in talking about the relationships between building a good annual fest and building a good year-long scene.

Much agreed to learning the skills to keep a year long zine scene going, and planning other types of zine events/fundraisers.
I won't be able to attend but this sounds like a worthwhile event. I hope that someone writes a column/ releases a zine with the useful ideas for those of us who can't attend.
As for a name, I suggest "Zine Fest Fest," with an accompanying zine, "Zine Fest Fest Zine."
As we discussed at this year's Portland Zine Symposium, who's going to organize the organizers?


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