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As you all know, the postage rates went up.  Jerianne used to make a great, super-easy to read postal rate chart with international rates, but apparently she hasn't made a new one.  (I don't blame her for this.  She can't be at our beck and call all the time...)

Ocassionally, like today, I'll have to mail a zine package to Canada, and charts on-line provided by the USPS only go up to 3.5 oz.  The one I need to mail is 7.9 oz.

Does anybody have the tech savvy to take over Jerianne's old service of putting together an easy-to-understand postal rate chart?  I don't myself.  I know the info is out there on the Net but it could take me forever to find it.

A priortity envelope of old zines & mail art to the first person who puts together a rate chart like Jerianne's.



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I asked the postal clerk a couple days ago how much a 9 x 12 in., 8 oz, manilla envelope to Canada would be and he said $3.55.  That's first class, the cheapest rate.

Jerianne's 2012 chart says $2.55.  A whole dollar seems like a pretty big increase.

I asked him if there was a first class chart on-line that went beyond the 3.5 their rate hand-out gives for Canada, and he said, no, there are just too many countries to provide that info.  Well, Jerianne used to do it, so why can't they?

He said I'd have to just come in and ask them for Canadian or Int'l postage each time I mail packages there, but from the price he gave me this last time, I don't know if I can really trust him.  Is he just being slipshod?

I get orders from Canada and have zine trader/pals there, so this is kind of important.



If you know the weight, you can use the usps.com rate calculator, in the sidebar of their homepage.

Rates recently went up drastically for international mail.  The dollar increase is probably correct.  In some cases it's a lot more than that even.

I just did the rate calculator and it does say $3.45, but why would he say $3.55?  When I first looked at your reply, I did the rate calculator, and remember getting something much closer to $2.55, so as usual, I'm confused.  This worries me.  I've got a lot of traders, friends, requests and orders from Canada.  Does anybody else?  How're you dealing with it?

Okay.  I'm really, really confused.  I tried finding a rate chart for Canada and found this. 




Unfortunately it doesn't give the price of the second (and third, etc.) ounce, so I kept looking and found this:



The first one says .85 the second 1.10.  Am I not understanding something?


I mailed a 2.3 oz. digest to Canada, presumubly within the letter category, for $1.55 August 14.  My best guess would be that it was 85 + 35 + 35, so f/c to Canada letter size is 85 for the first oz, and 35 for additional oz.  So I guess I'll ignore the second rate chart above and go with that, hoping it'll go through.

And further, there isn't even a 1.55 on the second chart!

For 8 oz I get $3.45 for the cost. I used the online postal calculator (US to Canada, large envelope, First Class International Options).


The different prices may be due to the whims of which counter person you get, some may call your package a letter, some a large envelope.  If it's rigid I think they call it a package even if it's just a regular old manila envelope.  I've had a situation where I check the same weight etc online on different days and I get different results.  Don't know if they're tweaking the rates or the software?  Also, sometimes for Int'l Mail the price you get online is cheaper than counter price if you print the postage at home.  I've been doing that and saving several dollars per shipment.

It could also be that their scale wasn't in full calibrated mode, you can ask them to recalibrate it (it takes about 40 seconds).



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