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As we
know, at present, the use of electronic media is seen that the most
effective one in delivering the agenda, advertising, entertainment and
so on.
With the widening of this 'Internet-wing', so much the media has declined, and if reviewed, but it
is virtually meaningless to any such as news.
All the latest news, on TV, we can get every 30 minutes, we can also get via sms, email, RSS on your PC and more. Additionally, the use of the internet was cheaper than other mediums such as rough material. Similarly,
what happens in the scene today, at which time yesterday, so to speak,
if we could get a copy of the original, how much noise our blood flow
throughout the body?
But what you see today? It's not easy to see the friends of readers who want to support the noble efforts to defend the zine as a best alternative reading

They are opinions that we often hear from friends in nor out that almost no
longer care about the arts and secrets of this zine.
So, here I want my friends here who have stand alone in defending this zine industry to give their views.

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What about zine/e-zine fusions? E-zines that can be accessed on-line, EASILY PRINTED, but also have physical addresses (personal or distro) and a presence in the papernet for those of us incompetent luddites that might not want to mess with printing it out? (Especially if you have to know a lot of internet techno-lingo to understand the directions.)

I just printed out Microcosm's PDF catalogue this morning, and it went pretty smoothly (mind you, again, printing on-line zines often doesn't). I love the dense, classic look, and it's SO much more enjoyable to browse than the on-line version, so much faster, so much smoother, so much easier. I will liesurely gnaw on it for days to come. (Hey, Etsy, that's a hint for ya.)

There were a few technical glitches, but that was due to my own negligence and incompetence at updating my antiquated browser. (I've got a vague,rough idea, but I'm not even 100% clear on what a browser actually IS) I don't think it's so much the Net as the attitudes of neo-zinesters who couldn't care less about meeting us aging, luddite papernetters halfway. Whatever it's faults, I think Microcosm and Zine World are models for the P-Net and E-Net meeting each other half-way. I think Wikipedia's done a lot in that direction too. In fact, they have a paper-mail option for donations, so I'm going to send them one that way once I scrape up a little cash.

If more blogs, of which there are many quite good ones, would offer similar options, I just might stop my anti-internet ranting!

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