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Why did you go with the title of your zine?
Why your pen name?

For starters: my zine is Eaves of Ass and it's a play on Leaves of Grass, because Whitman was a great influence on how I live my life.
My pen name is Craven Rock, just because that was the name I took on my college radio show and now I apply it to everything that I do that's artistic. It's good because it keeps me from taking myself too seriously.

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My zine's title is The Universe and You: An Owner's Manual, mostly because, well, I'm awfully full of myself sometimes.

My nom de plume is Ren Filthrage, while my "nom de guerre," if you will, is Nyx Benz. Ren Filthrag because Ren is my nickname mostly everywhere, and Filthrag because of a joke between my best friend and I about Jack Terricloth, the frontman of the World/Inferno Friendship Society, our favorite band. (Her nickname from that injoke is Mudtowel, by the way :P)

Nyx Benzo is because I am a Discordian, and Nyx, in Greek mythology, was born of Chaos, and the mother is Eris. Benzo, because benzodiazepines are what ease my anxiety, and my panic attacks.
My zine is called Internal Monologues (something I happen to misspell frequently) cause I was thinking of a name and remembered my friend talking about hearing an internal monologue when he blogged. I hear one all the time.
My pen name is a nickname from the name Racine, which I think is so much prettier than my real one :D
Weepy Gonzales is my pen name. I thought of it some time ago - couple months or so. I just thought it was funny sounding and mildly clever - I am somewhat like a cartoon mouse, a really sad one.

My zine name isn't really definite right now, but I know my boyfriend is going to help me do a solid bit of work on it. I don't know what his pen name is yet.
My main zine is called Fanzine Ynfytyn. It's Welsh, and can mean either idiot fanzine or fanzine idiot. It's named after a Datblygu song about a pathetic teenage boy wanking all over indie bands in his bad zine. Datblygu were a Welsh-language post punk band from the 80s, same vintage as the Fall. I don't take my zine particularly seriously.

My name is my actual name. People just seem to think I made it up.
I took on the name Persephone Pomegranate because I've always felt a strong connection to the Persephone myth.

I have two zines. One is a poli-femenist zine called Dissension, which is pretty self explanatory. I also have a perzine called Reclusive Obscenities, so named because since developing a severe anxiety disorder, I've pretty much become a recluse.
my zine is FRECKLEDGECKO .. i love geckos, always have and the freckled thing just came to me one day.. in the words of Lucas "who knows where thoughts come from, they just appear"

and my pen name is twilightgecko.. my love of two things, twilight [the time of day] and geckos.. i must say, after having this monicker for upwards of 10 years now, the Twilight series is great and all, but i've considered changing my name because it seems the word Twilight is associated with one thing only.. i'm trying to wait it out..
My zine name is Carpe Noctem: tales from the dreamside. Carpe Noctem is latin for "seize the night", basically. And I've been using the name ApocalypseGrrl for years. I still like it and really have no reason to change it, so it stays.
we were going to start a band called Turps, but then we realised we are terrible musicians, so we made a zine called that instead.

we definitely made the best decision.
Mine (when I get over the nerves and actually send it out) is called "Wasps Make Jam In Teacups", after a strange discussion with my daughter a while back. Apparently if Bees make honey, then Wasps make Jam.... in teacups. At one point it was going to be called Sympathy In D Minor, but then I decided it sounded a bit .... wrong for me.

My penname is Lianne Woolley because it's what my parents put on my birth certificate. Though sometimes I go by Princess Lia, because I'm vain like that.


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