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send me a creative request for it (be creative about it :P) via snail mail, and include a postage stamp and i'll send you a bunch of ephemera...

and i'm only asking for stamps because i do not know how to drive for the life of me (and yeah yeah i know im 19, for crying out loud), so i can never drive to the post office or anything...

and i'm doing this because it has come to my attention that my stacks of papers, cutouts, magazine pages, etc has been growing uncontrollably and i'm running out os storage space... I am the kind of person who picks up any interesting paper or goes through magazines and news papers not so much to read but to look at pretty awesome images or colors or whatever and start on a cutting frenzy... like yesterday, all through the 3 hours of my psychology class, I have been eyeing this stack of awesome musical programmes lying on the professor's desk and I was like, "I have to take those home" and sure anough I stashed about 8...anyways, because i havent been prolific with crafts and stuff lately, most of them have been sitting in my huge boxes for quite some time... not to mention, the help has been complaining about how messy my room is X|...so yeah, comment or message me if you're interested...

i'll also try to come up with more creative ways to give away stuff... and a plan to make my uncle or the babysitter drive me to the post office so i wouldn't have to ask for stamps next time. LOL.

have a great day, everyone!

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I've got your snail addy, I'll get an envelope off to you soooooon! :D

Thanks Denise, you RAWK!
Rhonda said:

I've got your snail addy, I'll get an envelope off to you soooooon! :D

Thanks Denise, you RAWK!

yay! i'll start rummaging through my piles! :P
that would be lovely since i'm in a lack of cool paper. so to where should i send the envelope? :)
thanks for that!



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