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I was thinking about who would be on my fantasy feminism discussion panel, and got so wrapped up in it that now I can't sleep. Who are your feminist heroes? 

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I'm not really one for role models, but a feminist hero of mine is my aunt, Myra Terry. She's been an unabashed feminist since the 70s and has an admirable ability to reinvent herself, change with--or really just ahead of--the times. Her latest project involves bringing anti-oppression training to women running for office. While electoral politics aren't my thing, I can see how educating feminist politicians about race and class could be transformative.

That is amazing. She sounds like such a rad woman, and I'm so envious of that.  I asked this question on facebook as well, and am much more comfortable answering here (where my family isn't). I don't actually have a lot of feminist role models within my family. They're all fairly religious and conservative, and for the most part stick pretty close to the gender roles that they feel the Bible assigned them. And this is not to imply that they aren't strong women. They are. Of course. 

But I didn't really connect much to feminism until I started reading Dorothy Allison. She made me feel like growing up poor and queer in the rural south didn't mean I was trapped. She was the first person to give voice to people (and experiences) I recognized from my life. 

And then there were zinesters like Ruby Just and Nomy Lamm who (either by their zines or by corresponding with me) made me feel like the things I had to say were important. 

I think conflict resolution and anti-oppression are so, so important, Jenna. And, for what it's worth? I think you're a pretty badass feminist yourself. 

Back at you, Sarah!

Lynda Barry the cartoonist and Mama Sheik the famous crip from milwaukee

aileen wuornos, elizabeth fraser... neither of these people call themselves feminists i don't think.  i also really like reading bell hooks.

Lately it has been Rebecca Watson.  She hosts the website http://skepchick.org which encourages women to be involved in the skeptic/science community.   I owe a lot to her for getting me over my fear of science and trying to teach myself critical thinking skills.

Whoa. I'm not super familiar with Rebecca Watson, but the first blog entry on her page addressing the guy who wants to start a "men's rights revolution" makes me want to read more. 



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