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I started making my own zine before I knew that anyone else made them, and the first zines I saw were actually just excerpts in the book Zine Scene by Hillary Carlip and Francesca Lia Block, and that was close to 10 years after I started making mine. It was only a few years ago that I finally ordered a pack of zines from Parcell press.

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SPIDERGHOST.NET ...Sammy Winston's demented black and white zines full of graffiti, poetry, weird pictures and quotes, they were some of the first zines I read
Rick Sullivan's GORE GAZZETTE, a Xeroxed horror film review zine (he used to copy it at his job for the Mobil corportation!). I found my first copy inside BLEEKER BOB's in NYC around 1981 and quickly started collecting any zine I could find.
Back in the 80's my roommate received a zine from a friend in the mail. I don't think I had ever seen a zine before and I found it fascinating. I was bored with no direction other than working and getting fucked up, but thought that "I could do this", so I did. 25 years later I still am.
I ordered a zine grab bag from a music distro I used to order from quite frequently. Most of them were crappy punk rock music zines (disappointing, as I've never been a huge fan of punk and especially not hardcore punk), but there was one in there called "Tight Pants" that was all kinds of funny stories and comics and such. I had no idea what to think about it! A few months later I did a Google search on zines (we had just gotten the Internet at my house... I feel old now) and found the Pander Zine Distro message board and, well, that's all she wrote. :)
I can't actually remember when I was first conscious of zines, but I remember the first ones I ever read. One was given to me at a Unitarian church youth group and it was about women and their bodies, all hand-drawn and beautiful, and the other was a zine done by a couple of girls in Toronto. The one girl and I were sort of forced together by our parents [hellooo playdate all over again!] and she gave me her zine and I was completely floored and soon after started making them. She and I are still friends too. Thanks parents :)
I started making zines in eighth grade. My girlfriends and I began making zines together and they primarily included short stories and music/movie reviews. I remember that we would walk around campus at school and hand them out to anyone who would take them...and we hoped they would read them! I also recall that when we began making our zine we did not have a computer...everything was done on a typewriter.... I actually kind of miss those days!!
i don't really remember the first zine i ever saw. i was a punkling in the 1980s and they were everywhere at shows. the first one i really liked was made by a friend of mine in the 1990s. i didn't make my own until i did madcow for the university of toronto women's centre and that's when i started trading/ reading / collecting/ participating more seriously.
Mine was exposure at science fiction conventions where people were writing their own fan fiction. The price in the 1980's was $5 to $10, the zines were photocopied onto really cheapo paper with a card stock cover, and usually were about a half inch thick (big!) and stapled.

I didn't try doing one of my own till just recently though.
been writing since i can remember... and the 1st time i got my hands on a copy machine, i had the impulse to make copies od some of the things i wrote and gave them out to friends... never really thought there was a name for it though... not til high school... I joined a writer's guild that produced "zines" called Coffeewrite which were compilations of all our works, then gave em out to everyone in school every quarter for free... but back then i thought "zines" was just something they made up... didn't think a lot of people from everywhere makes them too :)
Dumpsterland #6 - 1994 - in the heart of Glenbrook South High School in Glenview, Illinois. My friend Emily was dating Dumpsterland Dave and then there he was - at the school - and he gave me his newest zine - Dumpsterland #6.


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