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I'm considering a PO Box for myself as I get more involved with the zine community. Am wondering if it is necessary to get a larger PO Box size or if a smaller size would suffice? Certainly, the sizes 3 IN X 5.5 IN and 5 IN X 5.5 IN are much cheaper to rent but would these be a hassle for zine-type packages?

What size PO Box are you using? For you that are using the smaller sized, how has your experience been with receiving larger envelopes and packages?


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why would it be a hassle. from what i've read, most if not all PO boxes are approximately 13.5-14 inches in depth, shouldn't that be enough? (well depending on how much mail you get, i guess)...

but i can't be sure... im only getting my PO box this week too :)
I use the smallest size and if I have any packages that dont fit in the box, they just leave a slip in my box and I have to wait in line to pick up the package. Not really a big deal, unless you're in a rush.
I wish they had that system in the UK, it's just one large size here, and it's far more expensive than in the US, so you've got the choice of paying upfront for at least 6 months of a large one, or nothing at all.
I've had the same standard 3 x 5.5 P. O. Box for nearly 20 years and have never had a problem with it. Granted, I do have to go to the desk to get larger packages and overflow, but it's not much of a hassle. Do it in the cheap any way you can!
I don't have a box, but it's the first thing I'll get if I move. Right now I have three PO's that I alternate between, based on if I mail packages on my lunch break, after work, or on the weekends. And the cheapest one is the weekend one, which is not at all convenient for the rest of the time. I think you'll be fine with the smallest one unless you can't be at the PO when it is open and the workers are there. Because you can usually check the boxes on the off-hours (depending on how your PO is set up) but you won't be able to redeem package slips. If you have several convenient PO's in your town, shop around. Those on the outskirts of the city are usually cheaper than the ones downtown (there is a ~$40 price difference here).

But I sorta think that PO boxes are not an absolute necessity unless you have a very large volume of mail or run a distro. I've only felt a need for one this past year.
Thanks all for the info. Certainly a cost savings if I can use the smaller of the boxes:

Size 6 months
(3 IN X 5.5 IN) $30.00
(5 IN X 5.5 IN) $48.00
(11 IN X 5.5 IN) $88.00
(11 IN X 11 IN) $160.00

Unfortunately now I'm dealing with a "wait list" on all sizes!



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